Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Miss Little Something!

I have to say I am obsessed with this boots! They look so confy that I don't want to take them off. So I am wearing them again, in a new look! Today a casual unformal look, but at the same time you look that you cared about it!

It all started with my latest release, the Patricia jacket, with retexture scripted belt. I decided to go for the black and red and paired it with jeans and white buttong down shirt. The red scarf, socks and gloves are perfect cuz it's starting to be cold in here! Again, hats! Cuz I <3


Monday, November 30, 2009

Purple Fun!

Long time no see! But I couldn't help to show you a look using my latest release! I love how versatile this tops can be, and without the skirt of the new Flowey Top, they also look very fun!

A very unformal look, for a not so very cold day! Purple, one of my favourite colours and obviously a cute hair/hat that I love!


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Meetings?! Anyone?!

Another quick but elegant look for today! How do you imagine a sucessfull bussiness woman, that jump from meeting to meeting, with future clients? I always imagine this type of woman in a pencil skirt! I am not sure why! My girl is going for lunch with a new/future client.

A black pencil skirt, with sheer stockings and a black top! To give some colour, a tailored red jacket! Acessorized with belt and necklace, and a clutch! All matching with silver booties! Big sunglasses and I think she looks classic without being boring!


Friday, June 5, 2009

A new way?

I've decided to give a new direction to this blog. So far it was kinda lost, lonely and with nothing new or interesting to know, except the releases I was posting in double (unsing my other blog).

From now on, I'll make it a style diary (well, diary is a way of saying, because it is impossible for me to post daily!) where I am going to mix my items, from .:StoRin:. with items from other stores. I may use both female and male styles, and do some crazy looks! Who knows?

I hope you like the new face of this blog! I also hope you will like the looks I have to show you! Please, for releases of .:StoRin:. read this blog where evertyhing is shown as soon as released!

For a first day I am going to do something really quick! A very confy sporty style, that is truly girly at the same time.

I've paired part of the Emma outfit, with the Cat mini skirt to make the look! Then because I am all about accessories I added the arm warmers and the efemera belt (that was a previous gift! if you don't have it, there are plenty colours available at the store!). Then I added leggings and the cuttest bag from Gritty Kitty! No make up for today, with a beautiful skin from Infinity!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tease me...

New release available at Lalique.

.:StoRin:. - Teaser Soul Pack

Get the taxi to Lalique and go pick the newness!!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Under my Umbrella

New release available at Lalique. Now, for that rainy days, a new set called Umbrella that includes 10 static poses for girls with both open and close umbrella. These poses try to show casual looks using an umbrella!

.:StoRin:. - Umbrella Pack

This pack of female poses is available in posepack of 10 poses, in-world, for L$425, or single poses, for L$50 each! You can grab a demo in the store and try the poses with the demos! Also you can pick the umbrella for L$100, which has a retexture and a recolour script, with 7 textures included! The blue umbrella used in the picture is only for display purposes!

Get the taxi to Lalique and go pick the newness!!

Read more here and here and here. All blogs from bloggers who talk about it :)


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fashion Designers Challenge: Aibell

After so much mistery, finally available and released in the two special Fashion Designer Challenge stores, a new dress called Aibell.

I was challenged by the tallented Mew Denimore, who suggested this:
" I think it will be interesting to release a particular "spring outfit"..but not using usually meaning of the spring..but transform it into a "dark theme"..maintain the classic spring's elements (like flower, butterfly..), buy make it into "darkness elements"..i'm thinking about a "dark fairy".." - Mew Denimore

I've done my best to join the dark elements with cute sculpted red flowers! Aibell is the name of a an Irish fairy goddess and I thought it would suit the dress perfectly!

My team - the team #15 - was me and SavannahAnn McMillan. I think we were a good team! Our ideas were very easy to combine since the first minute and the look itself came out great! The ad is the work of the talented Tillie Ariantho, who has done all the art work for the FDC! It looks great!

Stay tune, cause I pretend to take some photos and show you all the details of this new dress soon (as soon as I have time to login). Also, Sioxie Legend & Tuli Asturias are supposed to do a review about the dress! And I need to finish my review about the absolutly awesome dress from Nardya Rousselot.

I just want to say one more thing! Thank you Sam, for inviting me to be part of this! It was great to work in teams, and it was awesome to be part of this amazing group of 35 talented designers!

The creations of all 35 amazing designers are available at:

Friday, May 8, 2009

FDC Review: Nardya Rousselot

The third assignment that we - the 35 designers of the FDC - have to accomplish is to blog about one of the others creators design! I am going to blog about Nardya Rousselot and her amazing dress. I was sooo happy when I saw that I had to blog about it! It is tottally me!

Nardya was challenged by Amutey Decuir. Amutey asked for "extravagant, crazy, eye popping" and Nardya certainly achieved that!


This pink dress is absolutly fabulous. The detailing on the texture is very refine and the sculpted work is very well done! I didn't need to fit the sculpted skirt, as it fits perfectly! The sculpted part of the top needed a little adustment, but very easy to do!


The colour of the dress is a beautilf pale pink that I am absolutly in love with, and the sculpted skirt has small flowers that make the skirt look so delicate. Again, I have to say that the texture is very detailed and well done!

Though this is supposed to be a review to the dress of Nardya, I am not really a reviewer, so I am not sure what else to say about it, except that I am in love with it from the moment I look at it!

You can find this dress and the creations of all the other 34 amazing designers at:
FDC store @ Road to Oz
FDC store @ Sn@tch city

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I am copy/pasting caLLie's post! And I want to follow her on this! I am a blogger now and then myself, and I know how hard it is to put an outfit together, get all the item's names and creators, and write about it! So... here it is...


all week long, let's show our appreciation!!!


so what does that mean? well.... send those who blog you a little sumpthin' and have them NOT blog it.... or maybe let them pick a free outfit out of your shop? these girls & guys work HARD, often at their OWN expense which is fine, cuz they love what they do, but if you appreciate them and what they do how about this...


an im, note, dress, undies, whatever you feel would brighten their WEEK...

And just like caLLie I want to receive an Im of all the bloggers who want a gift! And I will let you even choose the gift, so go to the store, choose the one you want, IM me and I'll get in touch with you as soon as I can! Remember I am on double shifts now, so I may not respond right away, but I promise I will!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

(your inner) Male Model @ .:StoRin:.

New release available at Lalique. Now, for the guys, a new set called MAle Model that includes 10 static poses for males. These poses try to show expressions through body language! I think they are kinda perfect to show male clothes, 'cuz there is not distortion (or at least I tried hard for that).

.:StoRin:. Male Model Pack

I've done a previous pack of male poses, a long time ago, but definitly I think they suck, so I am restarting from scratch! This first pack of male poses - pack01M, is available in posepack of 10 poses, in-world or at Xstreet SL, for L$425, or single poses, for L$50 each!

Get the taxi to Lalique and go pick the newness! Also available on Xtreet SL here!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

(find your) Self Confidence @ .:StoRin:.

New release available at Lalique. A new set called Self Confidence that includes 10 static poses. These poses show a self confident woman, that likes to show off her clothes.

.:StoRin:. Self Confidence Pack

I've tried my best to do theses poses, and I think it is my best pose pack so far! You can find the posepack of 10 poses, in-world or at Xstreet SL, for L$425, or single poses, for L$50 each!

Get the taxi to Lalique and go pick the newness! Also available on Xtreet SL here!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sporty Pants @ .:StoRin:.

New release available at Lalique. Sporty pants and a belt with a hip bag. When you go for a jogging or a walk in the park, where do you carry your keys, your cell phone, or your ipod? Well, this hip bags are perfect for that (or would be, if we actually needed keys, cell phones or ipods in SL). The pants come in both pants and underpants layer, with sculpted attatchments, and the belt, as usual, comes with two attatchment points (stomach and spine). Sculpted cuffs are mod/cop/no trans and the belt is no mod/copy/no trans, but with a resize script!

You will be able to find single packs and a fatpack at the store! I have also put available a fatpack with the belts/hip bag! For those of you who want to have just the belts! This next photo is a close-up to one of the belts/hip bag!

Get the taxi to Lalique and go pick the newness! Also available on Xtreet SL here (in a matter of minutes)! Share your photos in the Flickr Group, and get the chance to win gifts!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

.:StoRin:. Group Gift

Join the hippo group in the store here and get the exclusive group gift for this month! Every month (if I don't forget this) I'll be giving away one exclusive gift for all the people in the group! I hope you like it :)

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Monday, March 16, 2009

.:StoRin:. @ RFL Clothing Fair 09

The Relay for Life Clothing Fair starts on Monday 16th of March, and this year's theme is the Pirates! So I decided to joint the spirit! *inserts suspense here*

The kick-off party was yesterday; The sims are ready; And my booth is done too! The pirates already landed and I am pretty sure that they will need rum and beer, so my booth is a *wannabe* tavern! I've put there some free beer so you can all drop by and have a drink! *photo is not showing all*

This year I decided to join two teams. The Relay Raiders, my team from last year, and the Passionate Redheads! Well, you may think I am not a redhead, but everyone has a redhead inside *lol* so for the team I'll release my inner redhead! I've done two different items so I could run for both teams!

These are the vendors available at the RFL Clothing Fair! Both are L$300 and all proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society. Now, let's talk about the outfit itself... or outfits!

When I started the creation process, I was pretty sure I was going to be original, and do something that would fit the theme, but that no one else was going to do! Well, I was soooo wrong! I decided to create a Female Pirate Outfit, and that's how Bloody Ann was born! A pirate outfit, with lingerie included! What can you find inside this package? You can find a corset, panties and stockings; You can also find a flexi assymetric skirt with a belt, sculpted sleeves matching the skirt and a sculpted collar! As if this wasn't enough, I also included in the pack a sword (do you know a pirate without a swor?) and also 2 different static poses to use with a sword, and take some snapshots!

Being part of two teams is not easy! I mean, it's double work, 'cuz if you do one outfit to one team you have to contribute to the other too! In the end, all that matters is that we are working for just one cause, but I had to do something for my Passionate Redheads team. The other item being sole in exclusive for RFL Clothing Fair 09 is the Purple Passion! The purple passion includes the *exclusive* short pants with cuffs, in black - that will be available soon in other colours, and also the *exclusives* Efemera Belt in plaid purple, and the Luna Clutch also in purple (I guess that's why it's called Purple Passion lol*).

I hope you all like the dresses, and don't forget that after the RFL09 they are gone! And by buying it, all proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society! Go Relay! My sim is here


Friday, March 13, 2009

.:StoRin:. grabs you by the waist

Haii there! New release today! I'm short on words today, because I am really tired, so let's move on!

First, we have Gwen, a plaided waist scarf in 7 different collours, that moves while you walk. Comes with two attatchment points - stomach and pelvis - and a resize script, which makes the belt NO MOD! Sold in fatpack or single item!

Then we have the Efemera belt, a simple large casual belt, in 12 different collours, divided by 3 different fat packs (with 4 belts each)! A pack with basic collours, a pack with primay collours and a pack of funky collours! Also sold in a huge pack with all the 12 collours. It also comes with two attatchment points - stomach and pelvis - and a resize script.

I guess it's all for today. Come pick the newnesses at .:StoRin:..
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Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Poseballs @ .:StoRin:.

Poseballs are a fun way of getting friends together for great snapshots! Today, I come to show you some new poseballs for groups of friends, couples and family photos, available at .:StoRin:. The first three poseballs *were* available before for a short period of time, during the Heart of Love fundraiser, in my former store *AnnaH*. They are now available for good, in .:StoRin:. The other one, is a poseball for couples, that is waiting for so long in my inventory to come out! I'll leave you with some pictures!!

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Call for Glory! Win Gift Cards!

Wanna be famous? Wanna be in one of the store displays? Wanna win gift cards?

Well, if your answer to at least 2 questions is YES, then you have to try your luck! If your answer is YES to all 3 questions, then this was made thinking of you! Get ready to win a lot!

Take pictures using *any* .:StoRin:. products! It can be single photos, group photos, whatever you want, but the main focus will have to be .:StoRin:. products! Edit the pictures if you want to do it! Upload them to your Flickr account (if you don't have one, create one for free) and add the pictures to the .:StoRin:. group!

Now and then I'll be choosing my favourite ones, add them to the store displays and give you some ggift cards! Keep sharing pictures, 'cuz no one knows when I get tired of the old ones!

New Releases @ .:StoRin:.

I’ve done two new complete outfits, both with system skirts (that I love). Simple designs, for sophisticated situations, in modern colours and combinations. As usual, prims are all mod/copy, all layers are available for both outfits, when possible multiple attatchment points and, in some cases, even multiple ways of using it. I have named the outfits after two beautiful girls and I’ve asked them to pose for me! Thank you so much, you two!

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New Releases at .:StoRin:.

Separates are a very essential part of any wardrobe! The type of things that you can use with pair with another one and mix and match! I think this can be a part of Back to Basics Collection - that only included so far the Colby long shorts and the Sarah mini shorts. Today I bring you some more goodies! Sculpted mini skirts, with sculpted belts, polo shirts, arm warmers, leather totes and fancy clutches!

Read the rest of this entry here.
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

.:StoRin:. is open!!

Ok, my new store is finally open, and I am soooo happy :)) You can read everything here in my new blog!

Teleport to LaLique Now!

Go take a look at the new building, and new stuff! Join the hippo group, and grab the freebie!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A new beginning!!!

As some of you may know, I have been working in the rebrand of *AnnaH*. From tomorrow on, *AnnaH* will no longer exist, changing its name into .:StoRin:.

StoRin means *little treasure* in celtic, and that is what it means to me: my little treasure! I hope it will become your treasure too, as you visit the store and find things you like!

With the rebranding, I still have most of the old outfits available, but some will be gone for good, as some posepacks - if you didn't get them yet, run to George 5, upstairs, there is a retirement sale!

There are some news about this new phase of my life! First I have a new blog, that is *only* for things to do with the store! You can check it here, though it is still a little empty.

There is also a new Flickr Group, with Photo Contest and new gifts, so check it here. Flickr Group is a moderated group, where you can post pictures of you and your friends using .:StoRin:. products! I can't wait to see yours!

Obviously, I will have new stuff waiting for you in the new store! Drop by, on the 26th February to take a look! While you there, touch the sign to join the new .:StoRin:. hippo group!

I guess it's all for today! Hope to see you there, on the 26th Feb, next Thursday, in Lalique! Luv, Ann

Friday, January 23, 2009

We did it, but it's note over yet!

As you may have read it here, yesterday I was thrilled by announcing that we have done it! We have raised enough money to help Shir!

The goal was achieved really fast, faster than I ever thought! And it didn't gave us (me, Annyka Bekkers, Dove Swanson and Flutter Memel) time to do all the ideas we had in mind!

Annyka, inspired by the inspired by the success and fun of last year's Another Fundraiser, decided to share her Blowpop Tuesday skins with a diverse and eclectic group of SLers. The result was a whole lot of hot sticky makeup love.

As the goal was already achieved, but everyone has made a brilliant job in the make-ups, they are now available at 100Limite, a small and cozy place offered by the sweet Cat Magellan, and all the proceeds will now revert for Relay for Life.

I'll share the picture of my own make-up! I hope you like it and have fun! We surely did, while trying to do cool make-ups :)

Thank you all for helping! For the hope and messages of love! For the hugs and shoulders when we need it! For caring about our friend Shir! For supporting and donating lindens, items or just love! Thank you all! Today I am proud of being part of this community!


Monday, January 19, 2009

Laura *Limited Heart of Love Edition*

During this whole process of trying to help my friend Shir, with the Heart of Love fundraise (all about it here, here and here) I've met a lot of amazing people, all of them willing to help us helping her! To all of you, a very special hug! I am proud of being part of this community!

Now for the release of today! I've done a Limited Edition of one of my probably best sellers: Laura. I've made it in *cherry* and I really like it! I've changed a bit the belt, and instead of having a cherry belt we have a silver belt with a cherry buckle.

Grab this Limited Edition here!

All proceeds in this outfit will revert to the Heart of Love fundraise, and the outfit will be gone once we are done with it!

There are donation boxes all over the grid, so if you want to donate something, you can find them here or here, and in a lot of other places!

Thank you for helping!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Special New Releases

Hey you! Today I have some good and bad news! I'll start with good ones, but it's important you'll read the complete post! Thank you :) Ok, the news is that I have some releases for ya! New poseballs for groups available in George 5!

Here are some pictures:

When I was young, me and my girls, we used to go to my place, dress some old clothes and put some make up, high heels and take some photos! Fun photos! Good days! Well, this is what this pose means... girls having fun!

Confidences is inspired in those moments when you were younger and you sit on your mother's knees and tell her about the boys and your problems! LoL well I did it! And this is kind of a "sweet memory".

Last but not least, this new poseball called girlfriends shows what being a girlfriend means. Girlfriends always support each other! No matter what happens, how is comes or how hard is to deal with it! And this will take me to the bad news of the day!

My close friend Shir Dryke, that you may know from Ornamental Life Store and Blog, is having serious health issues and she needs money to get a new heart! You can read everything here but me and some other girls (Annyka Bekkers, Dove Swanson and Flutter Memel), we are trying to raise some money to help her get this heart! The problem is that we need around 700kL$ and we only have 3 weeks!

Part of the proceeds of this poseballs will go to an avatar created specificly to raise money to Shir. Please help her by buying this poseballs! If you want to help in any other way, there are some donation boxes in my store at George 5 and at Shir's store. You can also help her by getting things at her store! If you have any idea, suggestion or want to help in any other way, please IM me, drop me a notecard or contact me by e-mail!

Thank you all for reading and helping!

PS - Last night, while doing the ads, we also took some decent and fun pictures! What is work without fun? Here is one of the pictures, using one of the new poseballs!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Retirement SALE

Hey lovelies!
Some of you may know that *AnnaH* will rebrand to a new name! With a new name comes a new store too and obvious new clothes!
Since I think some of my old stuff doesn't reflect me and my new style, knowledgment or criativity I've decided to retire some items! Also, I'll need space for new stuff :)
So, in George 5, you can find a retirement sale in the second floor, in a wall with various panels saying RETIREMENT SALE. Women dresses are L$50, man stuff is L$25, single poses are L$15 and posepacks are L$120. Only the ones in *that* specific wall. Retirement SALE also at!
Here are *some* of the girls outfits in retirement sale:
Don't forget that all the rest of my collection is still in 50% off sale, so grab them all before I end the sale!
Luv, Ann

PS - I hate how SL is f*cking up with me! Some stuff were set to L$50 but SL changed it, so if you pay more than L$50 for something in the girls retirement wall, please IM me! I'll try to contact you all today afternoon, but if I don't do it, then IM me! Also, if you paid with store card will be harder for me to find you! The ads with green background for girls are only L$50.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

December Flickr Photo Contest Winner

Hey guys! Quick note to announce the winner of the Flickr Contest for December 2008.

*drums please!

The winner is Terri Zhangsun! She will receive a L$8000 store card! Congratulations!

Because there will be news very soon about the store, I won't be doing a Januray Flickr Contest, but I can garantee you that contests will be back! Keep sharing your pictures in Flickr Group!