Friday, January 9, 2009

Retirement SALE

Hey lovelies!
Some of you may know that *AnnaH* will rebrand to a new name! With a new name comes a new store too and obvious new clothes!
Since I think some of my old stuff doesn't reflect me and my new style, knowledgment or criativity I've decided to retire some items! Also, I'll need space for new stuff :)
So, in George 5, you can find a retirement sale in the second floor, in a wall with various panels saying RETIREMENT SALE. Women dresses are L$50, man stuff is L$25, single poses are L$15 and posepacks are L$120. Only the ones in *that* specific wall. Retirement SALE also at!
Here are *some* of the girls outfits in retirement sale:
Don't forget that all the rest of my collection is still in 50% off sale, so grab them all before I end the sale!
Luv, Ann

PS - I hate how SL is f*cking up with me! Some stuff were set to L$50 but SL changed it, so if you pay more than L$50 for something in the girls retirement wall, please IM me! I'll try to contact you all today afternoon, but if I don't do it, then IM me! Also, if you paid with store card will be harder for me to find you! The ads with green background for girls are only L$50.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

December Flickr Photo Contest Winner

Hey guys! Quick note to announce the winner of the Flickr Contest for December 2008.

*drums please!

The winner is Terri Zhangsun! She will receive a L$8000 store card! Congratulations!

Because there will be news very soon about the store, I won't be doing a Januray Flickr Contest, but I can garantee you that contests will be back! Keep sharing your pictures in Flickr Group!