Friday, April 11, 2008


It's official! Annie will be available soon, in more colours! For now, you can buy it in Yellow, in case you haven't done it yet.

Another thing... I will put for sell only the tunics. All the colours will look good with that pants, and I think there's no reason for selling the pants with all the colours. If you haven't buy the yellow Annie and want the complete outfit I can make exceptions. All you have to do is contact me!

Suggestions of colours are appreciated! Please leave a comment here, IM me in-world, drop me a notecard or email me at

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Casual(ties) and Group Gift

can't you understand we have different causes and beliefs
can't you understand we are here for the same thing

No Rules from The Casualties

Some cute, fun and casual tees available in the store! They are sold separatly and come in all layers. Perfect for a shopping day, a day in the park... whatever! They are cute =)

And for my beloved groupies, a gift available in the notice arquives. It is a "sneak a peak" of one of the new outfits I am working on, but in a different colour. The gift is the Dulce Shirt, and it comes in all layers (as usual - I don't know why I keep repeating this) with sculpted sleeves and prim collar!

Hope you love it!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My first time @ Windlight

Yeah, I know I am way behind... My computer sucks, and yesterday I entered in my brother's computer... OMG the water... the sky! I couldn't believe! I've seen pictures, but it was like the first time you see something truly amazing... I still don't know how to work in it (my glow is not good anymore) and now my face has some shadows, but still I took a picture =)

I wish I could go to the beach... it's raining so much!