Monday, October 20, 2008

New@*AnnaH* - Laura and Lorie

Two new outfits at *AnnaH*...

First we have Laura...

Laura is a complete outfit that includes a pair of pants and matching shirt. The pants come with a cool belt and with sculpted skinny cuffs. The shirt has a sculpted collar (with two different attatchment points), sculpted sleeves and sculpted knot so you can tie the shirt in the back! As usual, available in all layers! The complete outfit is available in 3 colours - blue, red and green - and it costs L$500 for fatpack, or L$200 for each colour.

Next, is Lorie...

Lorie is a jacket that can be used in so many ways... It has a sculpted knot at the belly and comes with sculpted collar (with two different attatchment points) and sculpted sleeves. Comes in all layers. It is available in 3 colours - black, burgundy and teal - and it costs L$300 for fatpack, or L$120 for each colour.

They are available at Sedna, George 5, Casablanca, Tropical Escape, Velvet and Tempus Doiro! Also available at and SL Exchange!

And because I never forget the people who always supportted my work, my groupies, I've done a gift to send to them in the in-world group (see the picture). If you aren't in the group yet, join to receive this cool purple shirt, part of the Laura outfit. Search for AnnaH Couture in the group tabs and join for free!


*AnnaH* Flickr Group

Hey beauties!

I've created a group on Flickr to *AnnaH* and all of you who wear/use *AnnaH* products.
This group is the perfect place for people to post pictures of themselves or others wearing/using any *AnnaH* product.
Also, monthly I'll be doing a themed photo contest in this group, and at the end of the month, prizes will be awarded!

Do you have pictures wearing/using *AnnaH*?

Please, share your captures =) *AnnaH* Flickr Group


PS - I didn't know I could do this freely until this morning... I am such a noob!

Sneak a Peek - Poseballs

What's to come at *AnnaH* stores, in a near future...

New static couple's poses

Don't we look so *intense*? I know! It's all about the male model - Romeu... but he is mine *laughs* sorry ladies! Well, actually was mine! But that's a long story! And we would need some box of cookies! Lots of them...

For a bigger picture, check my Flickr here!