Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I know... too many escuses and nothing new! I suck! But this new store is a nightmare to build, and I want it to be good and it's not coming the way I wanted... I am so sorry for taking so much time doing this!

It's good for you tho... You still have the 50% off sale in George 5. The Flickr Contest for December is also on, with a L$8000 store card for the winner! And my criativity is now on clothes again, so I have a little sneak a peek for you...

But you'll have to wait till the new store is open... sorry!!!

<3 Ann

Ornamental Second Life

I don't know what you like to receive from you boyfriend or husband, but I do love to receive lingerie! Maybe 'cuz guys know what they like to see on us! So this are some of my favourite sets of lingerie... No, it wasn't a guy that gave them to me, but anyway...

If you'r a guy and you don't know what to offer to your girl, go to Ornamental Life and get her a store card! Store cards are 50% off, so you can get an awesome gift!

If you'r a girl, then go grab a store card and take your friends with you, get presents to all your friends, and why not a present for yourself? You deserve too... You were a good girl during the year! Buying lingerie with friends is so much fun! Go now!!!

In the meantime... you'r helping the content creator behind Ornamental Life, and that's the spirit of Christmas!

<3 Ann

skins: *blowpop*
shape: [ND] HaleyL4 Supermodel Height (modify by me)
hair: Truth; Boon, ETD
lashes: MMS-Thora Lashes
lingerie: Ornamental Life Store
poses: *AnnaH*, Reel Expressions and Persona