Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Another Letter...

Another non-fashion related post! Skip it, if you don't feel like reading! Sorry for disturbing!

Here we are... with the end of the year approaching fast, and this time my letter (as promised here) is not going to be a "thank you for being part of my life letter", 'cuz I think I've thank you all during Christmas Season (if I did not thank you, then please IM me saying "what about me?"). Today it's about wishes and hopes! The hope I carry with me for the new year, and the hope I want you to carry too!

For this new year I wish you all health, love, and hapiness! I wish you strenght and courage to seek and fight for all your dreams! Obviously, I wish the same for me!

Now, taking the risk of sound greedy, I hope much more than that.

First of all, I hope people to understand what Second Life is. After reading this article from Prad Prathivi, I recognize I will stop trying to explain, and just share the link, 'cuz it's very well explained! It is obvious for me that some of my friends and family don't understand what do I do in Second Life (even my boyfriend who knows it well, disagree from Prad), and I believe they even make comments about it. Well, stop it! Read it, try it, learn it and then you can talk about it!

Then, I want to realize some dreams in my life! I have a lot of personal goals to achieve during this year (I mean a LOT), and though they may seem too ambitious, I want to have strenght enough to fight for them! One of my ambitious is to take *AnnaH* for a new level - but you'll hear more about it soon! If you have dreams and hopes, then stand up and fight for it! 2009 may be your year! I know I want it to be my, and I'll certainly will fight for it!

My last hope for the new year is about love and friendship! I have no doubt that if it wasn't for friends, life would be meaningless, so my hope is to keep everyone of you near me. Plus, I want to make new friends! I mean true friends, not just being on each others list!

True friends care about you; They can listen to you in good and bad times; They help you succeed or just give you their shoulder; They have to be capable of saying things you don't want to hear, and when they do, you will probably agree with them; They can make you cry or they can cry with you! They can make you laugh, laugh with you, or laugh at you! They can just be there, and you know you can count on them.

My hope is to keep you all in my life!

Wishes of a Happy 2009, when all your dreams come true!


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blogger Challenge: What’s in Your Bag?

Iris and Tenshi from Shopping Cart Disco have challenged everyone to share the contents of their bags! So here you have mine :)

So, what can you find in my bag:

  • my big black bag;
  • a black scarf that goes with almost everything;
  • two cell phones;
  • a purse, which is bigger than it sould be - the big challenged would be empty my purse;
  • two pens and a pencil;
  • two packs of tissues;
  • sunglasses, 'cuz I never go out with them;
  • glasses, 'cuz I *should* wear them always;
  • make up: lip stick, lip gloss, eye mask, and multi colour eye shadow;
  • and a small bag with my camera in it.

It's not that bad ;)