Saturday, April 5, 2008

Silver or Gold?!?

I've made a new casual outfit - Alessandra and Alessandra II.

The difference between them are the buttons on the pants and on the halter vest. Also, the tube top is in another colour. Alessandra is the outfit with silver buttons and purple tube top. Alessandra II has gold buttons and a yellow tube top! Hopw you like both! I do! As usual, they come in all layers. The pants also have flared leg cuffs and slouchy leg cuffs!

I have to say that the colours of the tops were inspired in the works of others.

For example, the purple tube top looks great with the new *blowpop* skins [little bird] - that is the one I am using in the ad! I am also using the Jaywalk Dominique Shoes (in giraffe purple) and the hair from Truth (Natalia in black).

The tube top was born after I saw the group gift of Mirai Style. A cool hat/hair in yellow! Also wearing S5 exotic natural 1 from Tuli, and shoes from !BF (Urban Bohemian Sandals).

I've add some jewerly to complement the outfits! Both necklaces are from Miam Miam and the pearl bracelet is from Bonita!

Available in Sedna, shop.onrez and


Friday, April 4, 2008

New Poses @ ANIMAH

Now available in Sedna, some new cuties for us, girls =)

I am wearing the Alessandra II tube top and the Sonya dark capris. Skin from Tuli, shoes from Jaywalk, hair from Truth and necklace from Earthtones. I've done some other pictures that I am also going to post, with some of the new poses! I was just playing model, but I think they are cute, so I am going to show you ;)

Coke machine, coke and stool don't come with the package, but I thought it was a way of showing what the poses are! I am wearing Alessandra outfit, with Jaywalk shoes, hair from Truth, necklace from Miam Miam and glasses and wrap from artilleri. Skin is the little bird skin from *blowpop* again.


New @ *AnnaH*

So I was wearing this ETD Strengh hair for so many days, paring it with the Jaywalk Persephone Boots, but nothing else matches my pink stuff! I don't have much pink clothes... I was seriously needing something that would match prefectly with both hair and boots. That's when it realised that a belt would make the difference!

And then, Emma was born! It was all about PINK. Emma is a simple outfit, that comes with system skirt, flexi skirt and shorts. The shorts have sculpted cuffs. It also has a casual t-shirt with a cool design in the front. Then we have the belt... a large pink belt, in all layers that you may need!

I hope you like the new outfit as much as I do! As I said before Emma is also wearing hair from ETD (RFL Limited), boots from Jaywalk (4 RFL), skin from MM Skins.


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