Friday, April 4, 2008

New Poses @ ANIMAH

Now available in Sedna, some new cuties for us, girls =)

I am wearing the Alessandra II tube top and the Sonya dark capris. Skin from Tuli, shoes from Jaywalk, hair from Truth and necklace from Earthtones. I've done some other pictures that I am also going to post, with some of the new poses! I was just playing model, but I think they are cute, so I am going to show you ;)

Coke machine, coke and stool don't come with the package, but I thought it was a way of showing what the poses are! I am wearing Alessandra outfit, with Jaywalk shoes, hair from Truth, necklace from Miam Miam and glasses and wrap from artilleri. Skin is the little bird skin from *blowpop* again.



Milu Laval said...

DAMN... I'm soo proud!!! Milu Laval is taking some "vacations" from SL, and had been a long time since I saw your work for the last time my dear... Today as SL shut down I took some time and, Annah... I'm so proud :) I'm with you almost since the beggining and saw your progress along the way... I always tought you were good but now you are among the best :D *Kisses and hugs you tight..* miss you... Luv Milu


Hey girl... you're going to make me cry! Miss you too, sweettie! Come back one of this days :p Thank you so much =)