Thursday, January 15, 2009

Special New Releases

Hey you! Today I have some good and bad news! I'll start with good ones, but it's important you'll read the complete post! Thank you :) Ok, the news is that I have some releases for ya! New poseballs for groups available in George 5!

Here are some pictures:

When I was young, me and my girls, we used to go to my place, dress some old clothes and put some make up, high heels and take some photos! Fun photos! Good days! Well, this is what this pose means... girls having fun!

Confidences is inspired in those moments when you were younger and you sit on your mother's knees and tell her about the boys and your problems! LoL well I did it! And this is kind of a "sweet memory".

Last but not least, this new poseball called girlfriends shows what being a girlfriend means. Girlfriends always support each other! No matter what happens, how is comes or how hard is to deal with it! And this will take me to the bad news of the day!

My close friend Shir Dryke, that you may know from Ornamental Life Store and Blog, is having serious health issues and she needs money to get a new heart! You can read everything here but me and some other girls (Annyka Bekkers, Dove Swanson and Flutter Memel), we are trying to raise some money to help her get this heart! The problem is that we need around 700kL$ and we only have 3 weeks!

Part of the proceeds of this poseballs will go to an avatar created specificly to raise money to Shir. Please help her by buying this poseballs! If you want to help in any other way, there are some donation boxes in my store at George 5 and at Shir's store. You can also help her by getting things at her store! If you have any idea, suggestion or want to help in any other way, please IM me, drop me a notecard or contact me by e-mail!

Thank you all for reading and helping!

PS - Last night, while doing the ads, we also took some decent and fun pictures! What is work without fun? Here is one of the pictures, using one of the new poseballs!