Thursday, November 6, 2008

New releases... finally!

First of all I need to remind you all about the contest to win a L$3000 *AnnaH* store card! See the rules here!
Now available at *AnnaH* mainstore are two new outfits, both named after two good friends of mine, Ana Lutetia and Myllie Writer.

AnaLu is a casual style, with short capris and wool sweatter... There are two different fatpacks of AnaLu's outfit - one with black shorts and belts and another one with brown shorts and belt. There are 6 different colours for the sweatters, so everyone can have their favourite colour :) Oh btw, Ana Lutetia has model this outfit for me! She looks so cute :)

Myllie is a formalbut very simple long dress. What I like the most in this dress, it that you can actually wear the top of the dress with black pants and it will go so cool... The top has a sculpted cowl, that looks awesome!

For the credits of pictures, you'll have to ask Ana Lutetia what she is wearing... About Myllie's outfit, skin is from *Blowpop*, hair from ETD and Truth, and that's all!

This new outfits are only available at my mainstore in Sedna, and at shop.onrez! I'll try to put them in all the other locations later :)


Sunday, November 2, 2008

November Photo Contest :)

**** Beauty School Dropout ****

Didn't you always wanted to be the beauty school dropout? Fifties fox with a naughty edge? Share your fifties inspired diva of the moment - be as creative as you like!

How do you enter?
** Take a picture of yourself wearing something from *AnnaH*
** Create a Flickr account if you don't have one already and upload your images
** Join *AnnaH* ... for the beauty inside... group and add your photos to the pool
** Tag your entry with AnnahNovemberPC

The rules are simple:
** You'll have to be wearing/using *AnnaH* clothes or items
** You can wear other items from other creators, but the main attention must be on *AnnaH*
** Make sure you tag your entry with AnnahNovemberPC
** Pictures can be post processed
** Nudity is acceptable within reason

At the end of the month, 2 prizes will be award... the first place winner will receive a L$3000 *AnnaH* store card; the runner up will receive a L$1000*AnnaH* store card! Some pictures may be display in the stores!