Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Another Letter...

Another non-fashion related post! Skip it, if you don't feel like reading! Sorry for disturbing!

Here we are... with the end of the year approaching fast, and this time my letter (as promised here) is not going to be a "thank you for being part of my life letter", 'cuz I think I've thank you all during Christmas Season (if I did not thank you, then please IM me saying "what about me?"). Today it's about wishes and hopes! The hope I carry with me for the new year, and the hope I want you to carry too!

For this new year I wish you all health, love, and hapiness! I wish you strenght and courage to seek and fight for all your dreams! Obviously, I wish the same for me!

Now, taking the risk of sound greedy, I hope much more than that.

First of all, I hope people to understand what Second Life is. After reading this article from Prad Prathivi, I recognize I will stop trying to explain, and just share the link, 'cuz it's very well explained! It is obvious for me that some of my friends and family don't understand what do I do in Second Life (even my boyfriend who knows it well, disagree from Prad), and I believe they even make comments about it. Well, stop it! Read it, try it, learn it and then you can talk about it!

Then, I want to realize some dreams in my life! I have a lot of personal goals to achieve during this year (I mean a LOT), and though they may seem too ambitious, I want to have strenght enough to fight for them! One of my ambitious is to take *AnnaH* for a new level - but you'll hear more about it soon! If you have dreams and hopes, then stand up and fight for it! 2009 may be your year! I know I want it to be my, and I'll certainly will fight for it!

My last hope for the new year is about love and friendship! I have no doubt that if it wasn't for friends, life would be meaningless, so my hope is to keep everyone of you near me. Plus, I want to make new friends! I mean true friends, not just being on each others list!

True friends care about you; They can listen to you in good and bad times; They help you succeed or just give you their shoulder; They have to be capable of saying things you don't want to hear, and when they do, you will probably agree with them; They can make you cry or they can cry with you! They can make you laugh, laugh with you, or laugh at you! They can just be there, and you know you can count on them.

My hope is to keep you all in my life!

Wishes of a Happy 2009, when all your dreams come true!


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blogger Challenge: What’s in Your Bag?

Iris and Tenshi from Shopping Cart Disco have challenged everyone to share the contents of their bags! So here you have mine :)

So, what can you find in my bag:

  • my big black bag;
  • a black scarf that goes with almost everything;
  • two cell phones;
  • a purse, which is bigger than it sould be - the big challenged would be empty my purse;
  • two pens and a pencil;
  • two packs of tissues;
  • sunglasses, 'cuz I never go out with them;
  • glasses, 'cuz I *should* wear them always;
  • make up: lip stick, lip gloss, eye mask, and multi colour eye shadow;
  • and a small bag with my camera in it.

It's not that bad ;)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's Christmas morning, and I am waiting for family to come lunch with us!

I finally have a few minutes to tell you that I managed to do a group gift! Last night I sent it to all my groupies! If you'r not part of my group in-world, you should join! It's the traditional system group, so if you have an open spot, join us to receive random gifts!

Can't stay for much longer, so I'l just show you a pick I took (sorry for not being the best one) and I'll run to open the door...

Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

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Here's my short message to you all! Thank you for being my friends, my costumers! Thank you for your support! Thank you for the nice words, for the strengh, the laugh and the tears! Thank you for being here! Merry Christmas!

For the long Christmas message, click here!


Monday, December 22, 2008

Last Christmas Gifts?

It's christmas time and I bet you'r all running for the last presents and last minute shopping, as I am! So if you're running for the last Christmas gifts, here are the solutions you can find at *AnnaH*!

So if you want to offer something from *AnnaH* to a friend or a lover, you can get him/her a store card! It's the easy way!

But if you want the person to receive "that" particular item, you have some other options! First you can buy them through XstreetSL.com or Onrez.com, and the present will automaticly be send to the person! Then, you also have the traditional way: pay me the ammount of the item you want (check the store at George 5 for prices), send me a notecard, with the name of the person, your name and the name of the item and a copy of your transation history showing you've paid for the item, and I can send it to the person you want to send it, with your name on it and in a nice package ;)


A Christmas Letter

This is a long post, and I am sorry for that, but I don't know how to do cuts, and unfortunatly I don't have much time to go searching now! Don't get upset, and if you don't feel like reading, just skip it! Sorry :(

I am feeling a bit sentimental today... so today I want to say something special for all of you... I am totally aware that I should say this every day of the year, but then maybe it's the christmas spirit and the fast approach of the end of the year that makes me think....

I want to say I am truly blessed for having a great real life, awesome parents, coolest brother, protective grandparents, unbelieveble amazing boyfriend and best friends I could ever wish! I thank all of them for making my real life better each day!

But now I have also a second life! A great one! And I am also blessed for all the people I've met during this 18 months! Some of you have become important part of not only my second life, but also my real life, and there's not a day that I don't think of you, as I do for real friends! I care for you and I do my best to be a good friend, and I am sorry if I have ever disappointed (and I know I did, for some).

I do not want to forget anyone, but I am sure you all know who you are! I just want to mention some of you, 'cuz I think I may have failed with you!

... Since my first day on SL that I have this big best super protective but very fun friend called Azazello Zeluco! I luv ya and I am sorry I am not the best friend/company for parties 'cuz I am too busy working...

... And then I also met Milu Laval in my store and after that day we have been confidents from each other, co-workers, best friends... You're a very sweet person, and probably you don't know but you are way too strong than I am! I am sorry for not being the best support you can have!

... Before my first show ever, I've met Gillian Waldman! She was my beta tester and the most honest person! So cute and sweet, she fast become a good friend! I have so much respect for her, that I used to be shy when I wanted to approach her just to say hi! I am sorry you'r not around SL anymore (or I can't seem to see you).I hope you're ok!

... In the show, I've met Myllie Writer! My best friend! We were also co-workers, and we used to have same ideas and think the same things! Those were very good times! I know you're feeling kinda "weird" in SL now, but I truly hope you can find your way again, 'cuz I miss you!

... Through Myllie, I've met Kamian Trescothick, and he build me one of my stores, but much more than that, we have become good friends and he is the most amazing guy I've met in SL. It's a pitty he doesn't like extrovert girls like me LOL I luv ya, and thought the time we spend now it's not the same we used to, you'll always be in heart, my friend!

... Because of plurk, I've met one of the best persons in all SL, no matter what anyone says about her, I will always be grateful to her! She is an amazing listener and an awesome friend! I like to say I need to listen more to her wise words! Luth Brodie is THE most amazing person and I love her :)

... During my life of designer, I've had the chance to met some bloggers and other designers! You are too many, and I truly respect each one of us! But I've to talk about three girls I've met, in different times in my life, but they are very good friends, each one of them in her own way! Ana Lutetia, thank you for supporting me since my first design, for the times you offered your sholder and for dragging me to places like plurk :) Shir Dryke, thanks for trusting me, 'cuz that shows a lot of you, and also thank you for letting me be a part of your life! We both know how much I like you :) and last but not least Efemera Bisiani, a true friend that I know I can trust and most important I know she is totally honest, and even if she will find it hard, she will always find a way of being honest and true with me, and for that I respect her and love her :)

... There's another person I want to thank! He was an important part of my life, and though he is not anymore, there were (few) good moments we shared! Maybe I wouldn't do it the same way today (oh god, who am I fooling?? I wouldn't for sure), but it showed me a lot about me and about Second Life relationships! He showed me things I though that only fools would do or think! So, Romeu, thank you for all the good moments, the laugh, the dances, the kisses, the messages, the conversations... and I am sorry! I know and I admit that I have some guilt in what happened! I hope we can be friends again, some day!

There's many more people I would like to say something, but this post is already too long! If you have not read your name on this list, I hope you know who you are! I'll try to thank you each one of you, who have made my SLife better and happier! Thank you all! Maybe in New Year's Eve I'll write more...


Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas & a little gift

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I know... too many escuses and nothing new! I suck! But this new store is a nightmare to build, and I want it to be good and it's not coming the way I wanted... I am so sorry for taking so much time doing this!

It's good for you tho... You still have the 50% off sale in George 5. The Flickr Contest for December is also on, with a L$8000 store card for the winner! And my criativity is now on clothes again, so I have a little sneak a peek for you...

But you'll have to wait till the new store is open... sorry!!!

<3 Ann

Ornamental Second Life

I don't know what you like to receive from you boyfriend or husband, but I do love to receive lingerie! Maybe 'cuz guys know what they like to see on us! So this are some of my favourite sets of lingerie... No, it wasn't a guy that gave them to me, but anyway...

If you'r a guy and you don't know what to offer to your girl, go to Ornamental Life and get her a store card! Store cards are 50% off, so you can get an awesome gift!

If you'r a girl, then go grab a store card and take your friends with you, get presents to all your friends, and why not a present for yourself? You deserve too... You were a good girl during the year! Buying lingerie with friends is so much fun! Go now!!!

In the meantime... you'r helping the content creator behind Ornamental Life, and that's the spirit of Christmas!

<3 Ann

skins: *blowpop*
shape: [ND] HaleyL4 Supermodel Height (modify by me)
hair: Truth; Boon, ETD
lashes: MMS-Thora Lashes
lingerie: Ornamental Life Store
poses: *AnnaH*, Reel Expressions and Persona

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Flickr Contest and News

Today I don't have a fashion related post! It is more like an explanation... As you may have read before I am building a new mainstore, and because it's my first time building, it is taking a little bit more time than I was thinking... I am doing it slowly but with attention to all the details, and I really hope you like it!

As a note I want to remind you that there is a 50% off sale at my store in George 5 so why not go there and grab what you don't have yet?

After grabbing everything, choose a location and start taking pictures, 'cuz I am doing a new flickr contest this month and the prize, because it's christmas time, will be a L$8000 store card for the winner!

There will be no theme this month, so enjoy your clothes and the beautiful places around SL.

How do you enter?
** Take a picture of yourself wearing something from *AnnaH*
** Create a Flickr account if you don't have one already and upload your images
** Join *AnnaH* ... for the beauty inside... group and add your photos to the pool
** Tag your entry with AnnahDecemberPC

The rules are simple:
** You'll have to be wearing/using *AnnaH* clothes or items
** You can wear other items from other creators, but the main attention must be on *AnnaH*
** Make sure you tag your entry with AnnahDecemberPC
** Pictures can be post processed
** Nudity is acceptable within reason
** You can tag your old pitcures too

<3 Ann

Monday, December 1, 2008

Flickr Contest Winners - November

I'll be quick with this post... I am just announcing the winners! And it should be 2 but there are 3! It was hard to choose, and I've asked help to some of my friends! Thanks for helping me :)

So, the first prize, a L$3000 store card goes to... Tiffer GossipGirl

The 1st and 2nd runner up, with no distinct positions are... Alexa Trefoil and Terri Zhangsun. Both will receive a L$1000 store card!

Thanks for all your participations!

<3 Ann

Monday, November 24, 2008

Now a (almost) decent post!

Last night my english was really bad! It was 3am so I think you need to forget me! So I've done a new ad about the moving sale, and I hope now that is well written :P

After today, I will no longer keep my store in Sedna, and I'll set up my mainstore in George 5. Temporarily! Because George 5, has no space for everything, I have chosen the latest and favourite designs and I've marked them all 50% off! All clothes are 50% off!

And don't forget that the Flickr Photo Contest is still on, so you can grab an outfit, make an entry and win a L$3000 store card for the first winner and a L$1000 for the second one!

For a quick teleport, click here!


Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Location and SALES

Hi everyone! I've been kinda away of designing, blogging and the reason for this is that I am looking for a new mainstore, and building it in the sky!

After today, I will no longer keep my store in Sedna, and I'll set up my mainstore in George 5. Temporarily! Because George 5, has no space for everything, I have chosen all the best, latest and favourite designs and I've marked them all 50% off! All clothes there are in sale!

Ok, it's almost 3AM and my english is awfull! Where it says "not only items are..." I mean "NOT ALL ITEMS ARE"! I'll correct that in the morning... for now I'll go to bed!


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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Blogger/Plurker Challenge!

Kristi Maurer has started this challenge, and as soon as I see it I found it really cool and I was sure I was going to try it... The real challenge was making my shape, 'cuz I've shared lots of real pictures with sl friends! I discover now that I truly *suck* at doing shapes, so my avatar may not look exactly like me, but I can assure you I've tried! It was not that hard to make the body, but the face was really really hard! As AnaLu said in her post, it's very difficult for us who doesn't speak english as main language, to understand some of the sliders...

So, the real me is a short and curvy girl - sorry Kristi, but I use that word too, to describe myself lol. I am a very casual person, as you can see in the pictures, though I like to use fashion clothes and follow the trends... Like the real me, Ann likes to keep it casual, so the clothes and shoes were already in my inventory, and so was the hair, 'cuz I am brunette in both lives! What I use a lot in RL are sunglasses, and so I do it in SL. What I've discovered after this challenge, is that I need to take more (real) pictures without sunglasses, 'cuz it was a hard to find a good one without them!!! What it's missing in my sl and that I use in rl is my braces! And I absolutly love it...


Thursday, November 6, 2008

New releases... finally!

First of all I need to remind you all about the contest to win a L$3000 *AnnaH* store card! See the rules here!
Now available at *AnnaH* mainstore are two new outfits, both named after two good friends of mine, Ana Lutetia and Myllie Writer.

AnaLu is a casual style, with short capris and wool sweatter... There are two different fatpacks of AnaLu's outfit - one with black shorts and belts and another one with brown shorts and belt. There are 6 different colours for the sweatters, so everyone can have their favourite colour :) Oh btw, Ana Lutetia has model this outfit for me! She looks so cute :)

Myllie is a formalbut very simple long dress. What I like the most in this dress, it that you can actually wear the top of the dress with black pants and it will go so cool... The top has a sculpted cowl, that looks awesome!

For the credits of pictures, you'll have to ask Ana Lutetia what she is wearing... About Myllie's outfit, skin is from *Blowpop*, hair from ETD and Truth, and that's all!

This new outfits are only available at my mainstore in Sedna, and at shop.onrez! I'll try to put them in all the other locations later :)


Sunday, November 2, 2008

November Photo Contest :)

**** Beauty School Dropout ****

Didn't you always wanted to be the beauty school dropout? Fifties fox with a naughty edge? Share your fifties inspired diva of the moment - be as creative as you like!

How do you enter?
** Take a picture of yourself wearing something from *AnnaH*
** Create a Flickr account if you don't have one already and upload your images
** Join *AnnaH* ... for the beauty inside... group and add your photos to the pool
** Tag your entry with AnnahNovemberPC

The rules are simple:
** You'll have to be wearing/using *AnnaH* clothes or items
** You can wear other items from other creators, but the main attention must be on *AnnaH*
** Make sure you tag your entry with AnnahNovemberPC
** Pictures can be post processed
** Nudity is acceptable within reason

At the end of the month, 2 prizes will be award... the first place winner will receive a L$3000 *AnnaH* store card; the runner up will receive a L$1000*AnnaH* store card! Some pictures may be display in the stores!


Monday, October 20, 2008

New@*AnnaH* - Laura and Lorie

Two new outfits at *AnnaH*...

First we have Laura...

Laura is a complete outfit that includes a pair of pants and matching shirt. The pants come with a cool belt and with sculpted skinny cuffs. The shirt has a sculpted collar (with two different attatchment points), sculpted sleeves and sculpted knot so you can tie the shirt in the back! As usual, available in all layers! The complete outfit is available in 3 colours - blue, red and green - and it costs L$500 for fatpack, or L$200 for each colour.

Next, is Lorie...

Lorie is a jacket that can be used in so many ways... It has a sculpted knot at the belly and comes with sculpted collar (with two different attatchment points) and sculpted sleeves. Comes in all layers. It is available in 3 colours - black, burgundy and teal - and it costs L$300 for fatpack, or L$120 for each colour.

They are available at Sedna, George 5, Casablanca, Tropical Escape, Velvet and Tempus Doiro! Also available at onrez.com and SL Exchange!

And because I never forget the people who always supportted my work, my groupies, I've done a gift to send to them in the in-world group (see the picture). If you aren't in the group yet, join to receive this cool purple shirt, part of the Laura outfit. Search for AnnaH Couture in the group tabs and join for free!


*AnnaH* Flickr Group

Hey beauties!

I've created a group on Flickr to *AnnaH* and all of you who wear/use *AnnaH* products.
This group is the perfect place for people to post pictures of themselves or others wearing/using any *AnnaH* product.
Also, monthly I'll be doing a themed photo contest in this group, and at the end of the month, prizes will be awarded!

Do you have pictures wearing/using *AnnaH*?

Please, share your captures =) *AnnaH* Flickr Group


PS - I didn't know I could do this freely until this morning... I am such a noob!

Sneak a Peek - Poseballs

What's to come at *AnnaH* stores, in a near future...

New static couple's poses

Don't we look so *intense*? I know! It's all about the male model - Romeu... but he is mine *laughs* sorry ladies! Well, actually was mine! But that's a long story! And we would need some box of cookies! Lots of them...

For a bigger picture, check my Flickr here!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Hi guys! This is not tottaly fashion related... but I've been having fun with photography and the Ornamental Life Contest just made me go crazy :) So here are some of the pictures I took... obviously wearing Ornamental Life underwear...

For bigger pictures, check my Flickr here!


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kudus... a celebration of SL Fashion

See you there :)

New Cutiest at *AnnaH*

Camila is my latest release... named after my future daughter *laughs*, Camila is a simple, clean, fun and sophisticated look,now available at all *AnnaH* stores :) for L$120 each colour, or for L$300 the pack of three different colours - red, black and blue! As usual, available in all layers and with prims copy/modify!

They are available at Sedna, George 5, Casablanca and Tropical Escape, for now! Also available at onrez.com and SL Exchange!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Friends and Lovers: New @ *AnnaH*

From now on, and during the next month, my time in SL will be almost non-existent, because I am working a little more than usual in my real life! Before "leaving" you alone for such a long time, I prepare 2 new poseballs for you! They are for standing pictures with friends and lovers!

First of all, little secrets... You know, when you have to say something to your best friend or to your lover, that only her/him can ear? That's it! I am telling Kathleen that ... *shhh it's a secret*

There are two different versions of this poseball available in the store. One is to use with two girls, and the other one can be use with a girl and a guy, as you can see below, me and Emanuelle sharing our little dirty secrets *smiles* But poseballs are adjustable in both cases, so you probaly will be able to modify them according to your needs.

You know that almost all guys, non-gays, dream of something like a menage! Two girls and a guy - yes, the dream of a lot of mens, and probably womens too. My friend Kamian did it! The other day, while photoshooting this ad *only* (you perverts, what are you thinking?) This poseball is for all the promiscuous boys out there, and it looks great with clothes too :p What I am thinking now, is to redo this poses in a way that we *girls* can use them, in a pijama party or something... that's my next project ;)

I hope you like them! It was really fun to pose with my friends for this ones! Specially the promiscuous boy! As usual, poseballs are available at Sedna, for L$150 each. Unfortunatly the other stores are running out of prims, so I won't be able to put them there! I will try to solve this, as soon as my crazy month overs! Poseballs will be also available at shop.onrez and SL Exchange too!

Don't forget that also this week I've released other two poseballs called sisters and love nest! They are totally cute too, so go try them! Hurry!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Poseballs @ *AnnaH*

New poseballs to use with your friends or lovers! Perfect for pictures ;)

You want to take that picture with your sister or your best friend. Now you can do it with this poseballs. They are mod and copy so you can adjust it the perfect way for you to pose! this is my sister - Kathleen Lorefield! I know we are completely different ahahha. Both of us wearing Armidi clothes and hair from Maitreya.

And what about laying down with your lover... just stay there and talk? Now you can do it with this new poseball. Sweet for lovers in your love nest. This is Emanuelle Donardson! He is sweet and gorgeous! I am wering Armidi clothes, hair from MMS and shoes from Maitreya! He is wearing Moderno clothes, shoes from Muism, and skin from Fleur.

Poseballs are both available at Sedna and George 5. The other stores have only the *Sisters* poseball - Find them at Tropical Escape, Casablanca Boulevard, Fashionale Mall and Velvet, as well as in onrez.com and SL Exchange! Each poseball is *only* L$150 so run to get them all!


Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Store @Casablanca Boulevard

Casablanca opens TODAY at 11 am SLT.

Come enjoy live singing from the 50's and dance the afternoon away! Dress Code: Black Tie!

While you're there, stop my new store here and shop at all the great stores that are in the Casablanca Boulevard, like MichaMi, Infinity Fine Jewelry, Tres Beau, VictoriaV, Ivalde, J Style, Lapointe, Pulchritude among others...

I have some gifts at the entrance of the store, and also, there's a new release in the store. This new release is *only* at this store for now! It is a poseball for girlfriends! I'll post all about it later!

Perhaps the most beautiful place in Second Life...

See you there!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Quick Reminder - Female Poses

Hey guys!

I just want to tell you that, finally, all the new packs of poses are available at onrez.com and SL Exchange, as well as in my mainstores - Sedna and George 5.

As usual, the pack of 12 poses is L$400. For the posing stool the pack is L$450.

More poses to come soon! I promise!! I am addicted again :)


Thursday, September 4, 2008

New @ *AnnaH* - Posing Stool

My internet connection sucks! I was trying to do the three posts but I couldn't... Internet just ... puff!!! Here I am again...

For a long time, I've been wanting to to posing objects... From the time of [Animah]. Some of this poses were just waiting for the perfect moment to come out. Myllie probably have seen some of these - not sure!

But now it is the time, so here you have two posing stools - one big and one smaller! The fatpack includes two scripted stools with poses and the single poses as well, in case you want to use it in some other thing, and you can have it for L$450. Single poses are L$40, as usual. You can also buy the empty stool for L$30.

Some are cute sits, some sexy ones, some are even dramatic poses, but in general, they are all great to take pictures or to use it in your home sweet home.

Like the others, this one is available at Sedna and George 5!


What am I wearing:
Clothes from Maitreya and GLAM;
Tattoo's from :Tuli:;
Hair from Truth;
Shoes from Sin Shoes;
Skins from *blowpop*

New Female Stands - Part II

Part II of the new release...

The second pack - pack 13 - is called 'The floor' and, obviously, is a pack for poses in the floor. Well, you can use the poses in whatever you want, like hmmm a bed... Your choice! 12 poses for L$400, single pose for L$40.

Like the other pack, this one is available at Sedna and George 5!


What am I wearing:
Clothes from *AnnaH*;
Tattoo's from :Tuli:;
Hair from Truth;
Skins from *blowpop*

New Female Stands - Part I

We'll have a huge release this week...

The first pack - pack 12 - is called 'Model Behavior' and as the name says it is full of modelling poses, for great pictures. This pack has a nice surprise! For the usual price - L$400 - you will get a 13 poses inside the pack! Only in the fat PosePack[12]. Single pose is L$40.

Pack available at Sedna and George 5! I will also try to put them in the onrez.com and SL Exchange during today, my internet is being mean with me! I will let you know when I do!


What am I wearing:
Clothes from *AnnaH*;
Tattoo's from :Tuli:;
Hair from TorridWear;
Shoes from Maitreya;
Skins from *blowpop*