Monday, December 22, 2008

Last Christmas Gifts?

It's christmas time and I bet you'r all running for the last presents and last minute shopping, as I am! So if you're running for the last Christmas gifts, here are the solutions you can find at *AnnaH*!

So if you want to offer something from *AnnaH* to a friend or a lover, you can get him/her a store card! It's the easy way!

But if you want the person to receive "that" particular item, you have some other options! First you can buy them through or, and the present will automaticly be send to the person! Then, you also have the traditional way: pay me the ammount of the item you want (check the store at George 5 for prices), send me a notecard, with the name of the person, your name and the name of the item and a copy of your transation history showing you've paid for the item, and I can send it to the person you want to send it, with your name on it and in a nice package ;)


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