Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Flickr Contest and News

Today I don't have a fashion related post! It is more like an explanation... As you may have read before I am building a new mainstore, and because it's my first time building, it is taking a little bit more time than I was thinking... I am doing it slowly but with attention to all the details, and I really hope you like it!

As a note I want to remind you that there is a 50% off sale at my store in George 5 so why not go there and grab what you don't have yet?

After grabbing everything, choose a location and start taking pictures, 'cuz I am doing a new flickr contest this month and the prize, because it's christmas time, will be a L$8000 store card for the winner!

There will be no theme this month, so enjoy your clothes and the beautiful places around SL.

How do you enter?
** Take a picture of yourself wearing something from *AnnaH*
** Create a Flickr account if you don't have one already and upload your images
** Join *AnnaH* ... for the beauty inside... group and add your photos to the pool
** Tag your entry with AnnahDecemberPC

The rules are simple:
** You'll have to be wearing/using *AnnaH* clothes or items
** You can wear other items from other creators, but the main attention must be on *AnnaH*
** Make sure you tag your entry with AnnahDecemberPC
** Pictures can be post processed
** Nudity is acceptable within reason
** You can tag your old pitcures too

<3 Ann

Monday, December 1, 2008

Flickr Contest Winners - November

I'll be quick with this post... I am just announcing the winners! And it should be 2 but there are 3! It was hard to choose, and I've asked help to some of my friends! Thanks for helping me :)

So, the first prize, a L$3000 store card goes to... Tiffer GossipGirl

The 1st and 2nd runner up, with no distinct positions are... Alexa Trefoil and Terri Zhangsun. Both will receive a L$1000 store card!

Thanks for all your participations!

<3 Ann