Friday, March 28, 2008

[Animah] & Photostage

I know I am too late on this one, but it's good in a way that it will remind you of this awesome deal that [Animah] and Ananke Media Systems is offering!

So, in collaboration with Ananke Media Systems, ANIMAH is giving 6 free poses as a gift to whoever purchases their products. The promotion will last from 15 March to 15 May 2008. You will find a note inside their packages that include Photostand, i.e. Photostage, PhotoLite and PhotoTolls Pro. For more details on these amazing photoshooting tools check out the AMS website:

How this thing works?!!? Get the ANIMAH gift certificate notecard inside your product package between the above stated dates. Come to the [ANIMAH] store and select your favourite six poses; write their names on that notecard (write the full name of the pose, please), and send it back to me (Annah Whitfield) or to Myllie Writer. We will deliver your poses as soon as possible (remember there are 2 of us, so allow us some time to gather your gift. Since me and Myllie are in different continents, our time spent in SL don't always match).

Have fun modelling :)

Oh one more thing... Myllie has released some new cuties in [ANIMAH] store! I don't have the picture here, but I can garante you that the poses are incredible awesome! Well, I love them!! Go try them out at [ANIMAH] mainstore.


PS - Don't forget to vote in the poll - You decide if I will do *Annie* in more colours or not!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Annie in more colours?

Hey there!

Considering the huge success of ANNIE, I would really like to know if you would like to see it in more colours. So I've added a poll to the right sidebar of my blog. A little help would be appreciated! Please vote, so I can know what you want me to do!