Thursday, March 13, 2008

Store Cards - Now Available

I just installed the TMC store card system in the store. These store cards will make our lifes so mouch easier! Just buy a store card from the vendors in the store (there are two, one by your left, and another one by your right), give it to the recipient, and then they just need to wear it when they shop! Isn't it nice and easy? They come in 500L$, 1000L$ 1500L$ and 3000L$. If you would like to give a store card to someone in a different value, we can do it too! Just let me know!

Have fun offering gifts to your friends ;)

New New New - Part II

Sorry for not posting the male stuff in the previous post, but I was finishing a new stuff for you guys! So here we go...

Manel is a polo shirt that is available in 5 colours - charcoal (in the picture), maroon, chocolate, british green and navy blue - available in Sedna. It comes in all posible layers, so you can mix&match too, guys!

Manel is also wearing..
Skin and Shape: Fleur Skins
Hair: Mr Smith 2 in Black from *TRUTH*
Shoes: *Muism* Loafers Pure Black
Pants: Dark Distressed Jeans from Bello Outfit from Moderno
Watch: Gunmetal Men's Matador Watch from EMJ

Nevar is a simple jacket that comes with sculpted sleeves and prim collar. It's modern and very fashion! It is available in 3 colours - charcoal (in the picture), chocolate and silver - you can check everything in Sedna. It is also in all possible layers.

Nevar is also wearing...
Pants: Colpire Distressed Jeans from Moderno
Shoes: *Muism* Loafers Pure Black
Hair: *TRUTH* Jamie - Black
Watch: Gunmetal Men's Matador Watch from EMJ

That's all for you guys, right now! But I have to say that I am loving doing stuff for mens :) I hope yoy like it too. Oh btw, I (Annah - a female) love to wear the jacket, so you may want to try it too girls (you will just need to adjust the prims, but every prim is mod/cop/no trans).


New New New

Hi everyone! As promised and with no more talk, here are the new releases! I hope you like!

For the ladies...

Annie is a hippie set, that contains jeans with sculpted cuffs, a tunic (in all layers) with sculpted sleeves, a flexi babydoll and a flexi dress. There are so many ways of wearing that you will never get tired of it!

Annie is also wearing...
Hair: The Soho in Harvest Gold from Armidi Hair
Shoes: !BF! Studded Leather Sandals - Brown/Brown
Jewerly: Chakra, Boho Beads in Black/Gold from -EARTHTONES-
Skin: S5 tan ~ natural 1 from Tuli

Summer, as the name says, it's a Summer dress, also a little hippie but perfect for those hot days! You can also wear just the top of the dress and combine it with another thing, and it will look awesome! Again, lots of layers!

Summer is wearing...
Hair: ETD Perky in Ebony
Necklace: !BF! Promo Vintage Beach Necklace
Bracelets: !BF! Bangles Set
Earrings: !BF! Feather & Shell Earrings
Shoes: !BF! Urban Bohemian Ankle Wrap Flats - Orange
Skin: lf0 modified 2 - weak lips strong eyes from Myllie Writer - Another Fundraiser

Meredith is a set of something a little chic! Comes with a skirt, system skirt and shorts! The pants and skirt can be wear with or without high waist, and the green top and green stockings give a little colour to your day! Shorts come with sculpted legs. Everything is in all available layers!

Meredith is also wearing...
Meredith: Hair: Maitreya Loelle - Black
Shoes: Maitreya Free Slinky Stilettos - Black Leather
Jewelry: Poema Pearls in Creamrose/Ebony Lace from LC and Coco Necklace with Pearls from *MM*
Bangles: Bangles set in chocolate/aqua/blue from [MG fashion]
Skin: S5 medium ~ glam 2 from Tuli

Olivia is a formal dress, that comes with two options of skirts - a long ball gown and a medium cocktail skirt. It is simple yet beautiful. Olivia is available in Olive Drab, Sangria and Charcoal - to see those colours please go to my store in Sedna. If you wish any other colour, just IM me and I will see what I can do!

Olivia is also wearing...
Hair: ETD Christina in Caramel
Skin: *blowpop* Mellie3_Cinnamon [nekkid] 2 brun_bare

All models are wearing MM Lashes and poses from [ANIMAH].

I hope you all like!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lots of News!!!

Hey everybody :)

Today, I have a lot of news for you!

Well first (the one you are not going to like) is that the sales ends tomorrow! Everything will be back to its initial price, so enjoy the last hours! Everything is L$100 or less!

I am going to some changes in the store! Regarding permissions, from now on, everything in the store will be NO MOD/COP/NO TRANS, except for prims (that will be MOD/COP/NO TRANS) or items stated otherwise. I will also add a new feature in the store. From now on, there will be store cards available in the store for you to buy and offer anyone you want, and they are so easy to use, and I am sure you are going to like!

Finally, I was waiting for the begginning of the Relay for Life Clothing Fair but I can't wait anymore! I have done male stuff and I want to share it with you! So tomorrow, when the sale ends I am going to do a huge release of male and female stuff! I hope you love all the stuff as I do!


Monday, March 10, 2008

RFL Clothing Fair is sooo close

OMG ... Relay for Life - Clothing Fair is very, very, very close and I still have a lot to do! I have been trying to do all the things I need, but RL comes first and weekends are terrible! I need to sit and rest a little...

Last night I was trying to set up my store at the RFL sim and I was so tired that I really needed to sit and think about all the things I want to do before the event starts! My store isn't ready, I need to finish the new releases, need to change all the prices and somehow I need to have some time to put the system card working! Oh I haven't told you? Yes, *AnnaH* is going to have a system card so you can offer your friends gift cards! I already have the system, but it's not working yet!

In the meanwhile I want you to remember that RFL is oppening it's doors March 17th. So mark your calendars! Remember that "until there's a cure, there's a relay for life!" Mark your calendars and save your lindens!