Thursday, March 13, 2008

New New New - Part II

Sorry for not posting the male stuff in the previous post, but I was finishing a new stuff for you guys! So here we go...

Manel is a polo shirt that is available in 5 colours - charcoal (in the picture), maroon, chocolate, british green and navy blue - available in Sedna. It comes in all posible layers, so you can mix&match too, guys!

Manel is also wearing..
Skin and Shape: Fleur Skins
Hair: Mr Smith 2 in Black from *TRUTH*
Shoes: *Muism* Loafers Pure Black
Pants: Dark Distressed Jeans from Bello Outfit from Moderno
Watch: Gunmetal Men's Matador Watch from EMJ

Nevar is a simple jacket that comes with sculpted sleeves and prim collar. It's modern and very fashion! It is available in 3 colours - charcoal (in the picture), chocolate and silver - you can check everything in Sedna. It is also in all possible layers.

Nevar is also wearing...
Pants: Colpire Distressed Jeans from Moderno
Shoes: *Muism* Loafers Pure Black
Hair: *TRUTH* Jamie - Black
Watch: Gunmetal Men's Matador Watch from EMJ

That's all for you guys, right now! But I have to say that I am loving doing stuff for mens :) I hope yoy like it too. Oh btw, I (Annah - a female) love to wear the jacket, so you may want to try it too girls (you will just need to adjust the prims, but every prim is mod/cop/no trans).


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