Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lots of News!!!

Hey everybody :)

Today, I have a lot of news for you!

Well first (the one you are not going to like) is that the sales ends tomorrow! Everything will be back to its initial price, so enjoy the last hours! Everything is L$100 or less!

I am going to some changes in the store! Regarding permissions, from now on, everything in the store will be NO MOD/COP/NO TRANS, except for prims (that will be MOD/COP/NO TRANS) or items stated otherwise. I will also add a new feature in the store. From now on, there will be store cards available in the store for you to buy and offer anyone you want, and they are so easy to use, and I am sure you are going to like!

Finally, I was waiting for the begginning of the Relay for Life Clothing Fair but I can't wait anymore! I have done male stuff and I want to share it with you! So tomorrow, when the sale ends I am going to do a huge release of male and female stuff! I hope you love all the stuff as I do!


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