Friday, May 9, 2008

Arianna - More 2 colours!

Remember Arianna? One of the last released outfits? Well, as I told you, Arianna was one of my faves, so I've done two more colours of it, because I know a lot of people don't like green! So here is the original...

and here are the two new colours!

The new colours come with all options of the original one, at the same prize! Just pick your favourite! Available at Sedna, shop.onrez and SLExchange!

Hope you like!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fool's Gold - Part II "The gifts"

Yes, I know... I am taking too long to post everything, but here it goes the last post about Fool's Gold! The gifts I've done for the show are now available in my store at Sedna, they are 1L$ each complete new outfit. Let's see the pictures :)

Bella is a nice simple casual outfit. The button down shirt is a variation of the Sophia's Shirts - small modifications - and the shorts are handmade, just for this outfit! Bella is also wearing one of the new *blowpop* skins - the goumada! It is beautiful, and I completely love all the skins in this latest release of Annyka Bekkers, the owner of *blowpop*. The hair is from ETD and the boots from Jaywalk.

Emanuella is also a casual outfit, but this time with flexi skirt. The black cardigna looks great anytime, and the skirt is very sweet! Well, at least is what I think. I also love the combination of the colours. This cardigan was in my inventory for soooo long... Emanuella is also wearing another one of the new *blowpop* skins - the black mamba I - super smooky eyes! The hair is from ETD and the shoes from Maitreya.

It is all for now! Talk to you soon, with more news for you =)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fool's Gold - Part II "The other girls"

Let's see the other outfits for the girls...

First, we have Isabelle! This is one of my favourites, maybe because it has a sytem skirt... Isabelle loves to feel feminine but practical. In this beautiful kaftan with bead embellishment and waist tie, she looks chic and beautiful even when going to the beach. The kaftan is a set of top and skirt, also with modifying glitch pants that you can use with the skirt or with the flexi tunic that also comes with the packages. As this wasn't enough, it also comes with metallic black leggings to wear underneath!

Isabelle is also wearing hair from ETD - Tasha, Shoes from Sin Shoes - Michelle pumps and skin from Fleur - Bronzage Gamine Cherry (I don't think it is available anymore). The adorable clutch is from Hellcat Designs, it's in pink gold and it's adorable!

Kara is the girl that don't miss a night party! Always sexy and stylish, she needs to be confortable with what she is wearing, so she can be the queen of the party. The blue one shoulder mini dress is perfect for this 'cuz it makes everyone look at her while she dances, and the leggings give her the confort she needs! It comes with both sculpted and flexi versions of the skirt, and also with a sculpted bow to use in the shoulder.

Kara is also wearing hair from Truth - Damien (for guys), shoes from Jaywalk - Nonni and skin from Fleur - Bronzage Fevrier Sky (I don't think, also, it is available anymore). Again the clutch is from Hellcat Designs, in a beautiful white with a diamond! Must love it!

Veronika is a young women, that likes to feel confortable and sexy in her second skin - her lingerie! The pink with the small flowers gives her a sweetiest touch while the black lace jacket makes her sexy enough to make all the boys stare. The lingerie comes in all layers and the flexi jacket, as usual, is modifyable so you can adjust it the best way to suit you!

Veronika is also wearing hair from ETD - Peyton, shoes from Maitreya - Slinky Stilettos (it was free a while back, not sure if it is anymore) and skin from Fleur - Vivant Bronze Soiree 2.

Arianna is the nice girl. She is always dressed in style, looking casual but chic at the same time. She can go everywhere in this clothes... A meeting for a job, a late party, a date with a new guy or just shopping with girl friends. Simple, feminin, casual and stylish! What else? Another one of my favourites, maybe because the jeans and sash were handmade and it took me ages to do it! Also the blouse is so cute, that I've done this outfit in two more colours.

Arianna is also wearing hair from ETD - Heather, shoes from Jaywalk - Nonni and skin from Tuli - S5 classic 3 medium (red stick hunt). The bracelet is also from Jaywalk - a little gift from Lyra to her groupies!

Lilith is glamourous women that likes to make her point by standing out from the rest of the mortal people. Yes, Lilith feels like a Godess and that's how she looks too. Only a godess could wear a swuimsuit as a *haute couture* dress. I have to say that this dress was named after my friend Lilith, the co-owner of Hellcat Designs, that has made (almost) all the acessories I used in this collection. Hats, bags and clutches are from her!

Lilith is also wearing hair from Truth - Dorothy, shoes from Jaywalk - Cosette Tiger, skin from Tuli - S5 classic 3 medium (red stick hunt) and tattoo's also from Tuli - Henna Tattoo (red stick hunt).

Available at Sedna, shop.onrez and SLExchange! None of the dresses is more than L$200, so you can see they are not very expensive! I hope you like them!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fool's Gold - Part II "The girls"

Let's continue the releases of the past thursday show... now for the girls! Not sure if I will post them all today!

Athena is the super chic girl of parties! The white dress is perfect for all that night summer partys. The gold gives the super chic style and she looks so stylish for this summer. You know, that parties when everyone must wear white? This is the perfect outfit for that, looking outstanding with the gold details! The complete outfit comes with top and glitch pants, flexi long skirt and high waits with back bow in gold!

Athena is also wearing hair from ETD - Anisa, shoes from Jaywalk - Albino Boardroom Bish and skin from Fleur - Vivant Bronze Fleur SE.

Gemma is the daddy's girl. Used to have whatever she wants, she has a casual and funny look, but always in style even if maybe sometimes over stylish. It is a multi-options outfit, as most of mine outfits are... It comes with shorts (prim and sculpted leg cuff options), a sash and a sash with suspenders, and the *cute* bikini - *cute* because it is what it says in the back!

Gemma is also wearing hair from ETD - Monika, shoes from !BF - Urban Bohemian Ankle Wrap, and skin from ND - Alina Beach Tan. The super cute hat, that love, is from Hellcat Designs and it was made specificaly for Gemma! Lilith, my friend, has made all the acessoires for this collection, and they will be available for sell in my store - or at leats is what I hope - as soon as Lilith comes back!

Nicky is a girl with a big personality. Reserved yet provocative, this outfit is perfect for a day in the pool, and gives you the glamour and style of a party pool girl, like a celebrity. You can wear just the monokini in the beach or pool, and when hanging around, just wear the skirt and you are ready to go!

Nicky is also wearing hair from Maitreya - Loelle, shoes from !BF - Studed Leather Sandals and skin from Dutch Touch - serie 2 (group gift - no longer available). Hat and bag with towell from Hellcat Designs.

Tess is a very active and strong women, that has to make fast decisions. The combination of a red tankini with denim shorts gives her versatility so she can be in charge of their interests. Besides being casual, it is also cute, reserved but sexy at the same time! It comes with 2 types of shorts - dark denim and washed denim - both with prim cuffs! Also comes with a tankini, which means a top and bottom!

Tess is also wearing hair from ETD - Willis, shoes from ETD - and skin from Tuli - s5 tan natural1. The cute hat is, like all acessoires in this collection, from Hellcat Designs.

Rosario is a very wearable outfit, perfect for beach, the nice blue swuimsuit with the blue pareo makes it confortable and stylish when walking on the beach, in that late summer afternoon. The pareo is a system skirt, so if you have problems with system skirts read here more info about it.

Rosario is also wearing hair from Muism - Dani and skin from artilleri - Lily Memphis

Hope you like them all! I will post the rest of the collection as soon as I can... Anyway, if I post all the 10 dresses in just one post it would be sooo long! Available at Sedna, shop.onrez and SLExchange! None of the dresses is more than L$200, so you can see they are not very expensive! I will continue the post later!