Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fool's Gold - Part II "The gifts"

Yes, I know... I am taking too long to post everything, but here it goes the last post about Fool's Gold! The gifts I've done for the show are now available in my store at Sedna, they are 1L$ each complete new outfit. Let's see the pictures :)

Bella is a nice simple casual outfit. The button down shirt is a variation of the Sophia's Shirts - small modifications - and the shorts are handmade, just for this outfit! Bella is also wearing one of the new *blowpop* skins - the goumada! It is beautiful, and I completely love all the skins in this latest release of Annyka Bekkers, the owner of *blowpop*. The hair is from ETD and the boots from Jaywalk.

Emanuella is also a casual outfit, but this time with flexi skirt. The black cardigna looks great anytime, and the skirt is very sweet! Well, at least is what I think. I also love the combination of the colours. This cardigan was in my inventory for soooo long... Emanuella is also wearing another one of the new *blowpop* skins - the black mamba I - super smooky eyes! The hair is from ETD and the shoes from Maitreya.

It is all for now! Talk to you soon, with more news for you =)


Terri said...

I couldn't find these in your shop? Which wall are they on? Thank you!


Hey Terri! They are in the freebie's corner! The 2 hearts with black bows! I should have mention it in the post! They don't have the pictures showing what they really are!