Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Poseballs @ .:StoRin:.

Poseballs are a fun way of getting friends together for great snapshots! Today, I come to show you some new poseballs for groups of friends, couples and family photos, available at .:StoRin:. The first three poseballs *were* available before for a short period of time, during the Heart of Love fundraiser, in my former store *AnnaH*. They are now available for good, in .:StoRin:. The other one, is a poseball for couples, that is waiting for so long in my inventory to come out! I'll leave you with some pictures!!

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Call for Glory! Win Gift Cards!

Wanna be famous? Wanna be in one of the store displays? Wanna win gift cards?

Well, if your answer to at least 2 questions is YES, then you have to try your luck! If your answer is YES to all 3 questions, then this was made thinking of you! Get ready to win a lot!

Take pictures using *any* .:StoRin:. products! It can be single photos, group photos, whatever you want, but the main focus will have to be .:StoRin:. products! Edit the pictures if you want to do it! Upload them to your Flickr account (if you don't have one, create one for free) and add the pictures to the .:StoRin:. group!

Now and then I'll be choosing my favourite ones, add them to the store displays and give you some ggift cards! Keep sharing pictures, 'cuz no one knows when I get tired of the old ones!

New Releases @ .:StoRin:.

I’ve done two new complete outfits, both with system skirts (that I love). Simple designs, for sophisticated situations, in modern colours and combinations. As usual, prims are all mod/copy, all layers are available for both outfits, when possible multiple attatchment points and, in some cases, even multiple ways of using it. I have named the outfits after two beautiful girls and I’ve asked them to pose for me! Thank you so much, you two!

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New Releases at .:StoRin:.

Separates are a very essential part of any wardrobe! The type of things that you can use with pair with another one and mix and match! I think this can be a part of Back to Basics Collection - that only included so far the Colby long shorts and the Sarah mini shorts. Today I bring you some more goodies! Sculpted mini skirts, with sculpted belts, polo shirts, arm warmers, leather totes and fancy clutches!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

.:StoRin:. is open!!

Ok, my new store is finally open, and I am soooo happy :)) You can read everything here in my new blog!

Teleport to LaLique Now!

Go take a look at the new building, and new stuff! Join the hippo group, and grab the freebie!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A new beginning!!!

As some of you may know, I have been working in the rebrand of *AnnaH*. From tomorrow on, *AnnaH* will no longer exist, changing its name into .:StoRin:.

StoRin means *little treasure* in celtic, and that is what it means to me: my little treasure! I hope it will become your treasure too, as you visit the store and find things you like!

With the rebranding, I still have most of the old outfits available, but some will be gone for good, as some posepacks - if you didn't get them yet, run to George 5, upstairs, there is a retirement sale!

There are some news about this new phase of my life! First I have a new blog, that is *only* for things to do with the store! You can check it here, though it is still a little empty.

There is also a new Flickr Group, with Photo Contest and new gifts, so check it here. Flickr Group is a moderated group, where you can post pictures of you and your friends using .:StoRin:. products! I can't wait to see yours!

Obviously, I will have new stuff waiting for you in the new store! Drop by, on the 26th February to take a look! While you there, touch the sign to join the new .:StoRin:. hippo group!

I guess it's all for today! Hope to see you there, on the 26th Feb, next Thursday, in Lalique! Luv, Ann