Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fool's Gold - Part I "The boys"

I released past thursday a collection based on basically beach/casual wear! What I am going to show you today is the 2 outfits I've done for the boys.

First, Azazello, named after my best SL friend, Azazello Zeluco! It is a very casual look with dark denim shorts with prim legs and a dark polo with a nice design in the chest. He is an active guy, that need to look fashionable and yet casual and parctical. The polo shirt with the chest design is casual and stylish, and the dark short jeans are perfect for a summer day.

Azazello is also wearing hair from Muism - Shaggy, Skin from Fleur - Late Shift and Shoes from Muism - Black Loafers.

Next, we have Diego, named after my RL brother, Diogo! Diego has a casual chic style. He likes to dress well and look handsome everywhere he goes. The dark jeans are perfect for the "everyday" look, and the sweater is good for that summer nights when there are a little breeze.

Diego is also wearing hair from Muism - Rio, Skin from Fleur - Late Shift and Shoes from Muism - Black Loafers.

Hope you like =)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Fool's Gold

The show for the release of the new collection was last night! It was really good and besides my major crash in the begginning of the show, I think all the rest went smooth and with no problems. An now the list of kind words...

I want to thank CVFA and all their models, for all the rehersal nights and for the good job done in stage, specially Madelaina Capalini, who spent hours and hours talking to me organizing the event!

I want to thank to all those who attended to the show - friends and costumers, and some that with time become both! Your presence was very important to me! Special thanks to Shir, who was virtually holding my hand :) Oh and I can forget the great appearance in stage of Antonia - she was the best model in stage ;) I know... the LM I gave everyone was in the midle of the stage ahaha

Last but not least, I want to thank a friend, that unfortunatly couldn't make it, but that helped me a lot in the "contruction" of this collection. Lilith, you were truly important when making decisions and even giving me ideas for more stuff!

Here are some pictures (I've been playing with PS)! For bigger images and a lot more, click here. The new collection is available in the mainstore and I'll be posting more info and pictures later!
Now, I am going to have lunch!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Little reminder...

Update: When I said I was finishing a bag of goodies, I was actually finishing some bags of goodies! There are four hearts in the place where the show is going to happen! They will be available as soons as the show starts, and they look like hearts with black bows! Just like the one in the picture:

I just want to remind everyone about the Runway Fashion Show, that will take place tonight...

I hope to see you all there (here) tonight! I am finishing a bag of goodies for all that come to see the new collection, so don't miss it! 12 new complete outfits will be release, that will show you clothes made for young people ready to have fun, to explore the beauty of the nature and to find their own fool's gold. Don't miss it!


Monday, April 28, 2008

System skirts rulezz

This two outfits were in the wall of my studio for too long, and I was so sad because I was afraid of releasing them because of the "system skirts not showing in the new viewer". I was tired of having them, using them and not selling them, so they are now available in my mainstore, and I am very proud of them! I am a huge fan of system skirts, and I still love my first outfits, when I didn't know how to use flexis. Here are the new ones:

Antonia is a classy style, named after Antonia Marat. We all know she loves system skirts, so we share this "love". She also loves animal prints (as I do, in SL) and so I though this is something she would like, and when I showed her I think she really did. The outfit has a system skirt, an animal prints corset and a sheer shrug. It also comes with sculpted belt and sculpted sleeves for the shrug.

Antonia ia also wearing...
Skin from Another Fundraiser - lf0 Myllie Writer;
Hair from Truth - Berri 2 in Sable;
Jewerly from Muse - Chatelaine Shoulder Brooch and Chain

Dulce is a even more classy look! I already have gave a sneak a peak of what would it be the Dulce shirt, in the group. The complete outfit comes with system skirt in a beautiful blue with high waist, a light blue buttond down shirt, with sculpted sleeves and prim collar, sock, gloves and a very cool hat! I've also had a flexi skirt for those who don't like system skirts. The sash can be use with or without the skirt, and vice versa so it is very usefull for mix&match. All the other item come in all layers available too.

Skin from FabFree - Cher's Rez Day;
Hair from ETD - Flapper in Chestnut;
Shoes from Jaywalk - Bree in Onyx;
Jewerly from Miam Miam - Heart Drop Necklace (Valentine's Gift)

Both available at Sedna, and

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Runway Fashion Show

I am proud to announce that *AnnaH* in collaboration with Capalini & Vantelli Fashion Agency is going to do a Runway Fashion Show next Thursday to present the new collection "Fool's Gold" by *AnnaH*, a collection inspired in the beautiful landscapes of the Bahamas, that we can see in the movie "Fool's Gold". It combines the use of beachwear with other elements, that makes it fun to wear and perfect for any occasion. The beach, the sun and the ocean are present in this collection, made for young people ready to have fun, to explore the beauty of the nature and to find their own fool's gold.

Don't forget, next thursday, 1st of May 2008, at 9PM SLT in the stage of the Capalini & Vantelli Fashion Agency. You cannot miss this show, as I can assure you it is going to be awesome!

Hope to see you there!