Friday, May 2, 2008

Fool's Gold

The show for the release of the new collection was last night! It was really good and besides my major crash in the begginning of the show, I think all the rest went smooth and with no problems. An now the list of kind words...

I want to thank CVFA and all their models, for all the rehersal nights and for the good job done in stage, specially Madelaina Capalini, who spent hours and hours talking to me organizing the event!

I want to thank to all those who attended to the show - friends and costumers, and some that with time become both! Your presence was very important to me! Special thanks to Shir, who was virtually holding my hand :) Oh and I can forget the great appearance in stage of Antonia - she was the best model in stage ;) I know... the LM I gave everyone was in the midle of the stage ahaha

Last but not least, I want to thank a friend, that unfortunatly couldn't make it, but that helped me a lot in the "contruction" of this collection. Lilith, you were truly important when making decisions and even giving me ideas for more stuff!

Here are some pictures (I've been playing with PS)! For bigger images and a lot more, click here. The new collection is available in the mainstore and I'll be posting more info and pictures later!
Now, I am going to have lunch!

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Portia Rossini said...

Congrats! =) I saw the pics and the are beautiful!