Thursday, September 18, 2008

Friends and Lovers: New @ *AnnaH*

From now on, and during the next month, my time in SL will be almost non-existent, because I am working a little more than usual in my real life! Before "leaving" you alone for such a long time, I prepare 2 new poseballs for you! They are for standing pictures with friends and lovers!

First of all, little secrets... You know, when you have to say something to your best friend or to your lover, that only her/him can ear? That's it! I am telling Kathleen that ... *shhh it's a secret*

There are two different versions of this poseball available in the store. One is to use with two girls, and the other one can be use with a girl and a guy, as you can see below, me and Emanuelle sharing our little dirty secrets *smiles* But poseballs are adjustable in both cases, so you probaly will be able to modify them according to your needs.

You know that almost all guys, non-gays, dream of something like a menage! Two girls and a guy - yes, the dream of a lot of mens, and probably womens too. My friend Kamian did it! The other day, while photoshooting this ad *only* (you perverts, what are you thinking?) This poseball is for all the promiscuous boys out there, and it looks great with clothes too :p What I am thinking now, is to redo this poses in a way that we *girls* can use them, in a pijama party or something... that's my next project ;)

I hope you like them! It was really fun to pose with my friends for this ones! Specially the promiscuous boy! As usual, poseballs are available at Sedna, for L$150 each. Unfortunatly the other stores are running out of prims, so I won't be able to put them there! I will try to solve this, as soon as my crazy month overs! Poseballs will be also available at shop.onrez and SL Exchange too!

Don't forget that also this week I've released other two poseballs called sisters and love nest! They are totally cute too, so go try them! Hurry!


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