Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Poseballs @ *AnnaH*

New poseballs to use with your friends or lovers! Perfect for pictures ;)

You want to take that picture with your sister or your best friend. Now you can do it with this poseballs. They are mod and copy so you can adjust it the perfect way for you to pose! this is my sister - Kathleen Lorefield! I know we are completely different ahahha. Both of us wearing Armidi clothes and hair from Maitreya.

And what about laying down with your lover... just stay there and talk? Now you can do it with this new poseball. Sweet for lovers in your love nest. This is Emanuelle Donardson! He is sweet and gorgeous! I am wering Armidi clothes, hair from MMS and shoes from Maitreya! He is wearing Moderno clothes, shoes from Muism, and skin from Fleur.

Poseballs are both available at Sedna and George 5. The other stores have only the *Sisters* poseball - Find them at Tropical Escape, Casablanca Boulevard, Fashionale Mall and Velvet, as well as in onrez.com and SL Exchange! Each poseball is *only* L$150 so run to get them all!


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