Monday, November 24, 2008

Now a (almost) decent post!

Last night my english was really bad! It was 3am so I think you need to forget me! So I've done a new ad about the moving sale, and I hope now that is well written :P

After today, I will no longer keep my store in Sedna, and I'll set up my mainstore in George 5. Temporarily! Because George 5, has no space for everything, I have chosen the latest and favourite designs and I've marked them all 50% off! All clothes are 50% off!

And don't forget that the Flickr Photo Contest is still on, so you can grab an outfit, make an entry and win a L$3000 store card for the first winner and a L$1000 for the second one!

For a quick teleport, click here!



Desiree said...

Anna, sweetie. I am an English teacher, but I also speak French. I am not perfect in my second language and am fairly forgiving for those that openly acknowledge the same. I would be more than happy to help you with your advertising copy because I know that some people can be absolutely vicious. Feel free to im me inworld or to contact me via gmail if you ever want any help.


Thanks @Desiree :) Sometimes it gets hard to write... specially if it is too late, like 3AM!

I might IM you ;)
<3 Ann