Friday, May 8, 2009

FDC Review: Nardya Rousselot

The third assignment that we - the 35 designers of the FDC - have to accomplish is to blog about one of the others creators design! I am going to blog about Nardya Rousselot and her amazing dress. I was sooo happy when I saw that I had to blog about it! It is tottally me!

Nardya was challenged by Amutey Decuir. Amutey asked for "extravagant, crazy, eye popping" and Nardya certainly achieved that!


This pink dress is absolutly fabulous. The detailing on the texture is very refine and the sculpted work is very well done! I didn't need to fit the sculpted skirt, as it fits perfectly! The sculpted part of the top needed a little adustment, but very easy to do!


The colour of the dress is a beautilf pale pink that I am absolutly in love with, and the sculpted skirt has small flowers that make the skirt look so delicate. Again, I have to say that the texture is very detailed and well done!

Though this is supposed to be a review to the dress of Nardya, I am not really a reviewer, so I am not sure what else to say about it, except that I am in love with it from the moment I look at it!

You can find this dress and the creations of all the other 34 amazing designers at:
FDC store @ Road to Oz
FDC store @ Sn@tch city

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