Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fashion Designers Challenge: Aibell

After so much mistery, finally available and released in the two special Fashion Designer Challenge stores, a new dress called Aibell.

I was challenged by the tallented Mew Denimore, who suggested this:
" I think it will be interesting to release a particular "spring outfit"..but not using usually meaning of the spring..but transform it into a "dark theme"..maintain the classic spring's elements (like flower, butterfly..), buy make it into "darkness elements"..i'm thinking about a "dark fairy".." - Mew Denimore

I've done my best to join the dark elements with cute sculpted red flowers! Aibell is the name of a an Irish fairy goddess and I thought it would suit the dress perfectly!

My team - the team #15 - was me and SavannahAnn McMillan. I think we were a good team! Our ideas were very easy to combine since the first minute and the look itself came out great! The ad is the work of the talented Tillie Ariantho, who has done all the art work for the FDC! It looks great!

Stay tune, cause I pretend to take some photos and show you all the details of this new dress soon (as soon as I have time to login). Also, Sioxie Legend & Tuli Asturias are supposed to do a review about the dress! And I need to finish my review about the absolutly awesome dress from Nardya Rousselot.

I just want to say one more thing! Thank you Sam, for inviting me to be part of this! It was great to work in teams, and it was awesome to be part of this amazing group of 35 talented designers!

The creations of all 35 amazing designers are available at:


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