Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sporty Pants @ .:StoRin:.

New release available at Lalique. Sporty pants and a belt with a hip bag. When you go for a jogging or a walk in the park, where do you carry your keys, your cell phone, or your ipod? Well, this hip bags are perfect for that (or would be, if we actually needed keys, cell phones or ipods in SL). The pants come in both pants and underpants layer, with sculpted attatchments, and the belt, as usual, comes with two attatchment points (stomach and spine). Sculpted cuffs are mod/cop/no trans and the belt is no mod/copy/no trans, but with a resize script!

You will be able to find single packs and a fatpack at the store! I have also put available a fatpack with the belts/hip bag! For those of you who want to have just the belts! This next photo is a close-up to one of the belts/hip bag!

Get the taxi to Lalique and go pick the newness! Also available on Xtreet SL here (in a matter of minutes)! Share your photos in the Flickr Group, and get the chance to win gifts!

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