Monday, March 16, 2009

.:StoRin:. @ RFL Clothing Fair 09

The Relay for Life Clothing Fair starts on Monday 16th of March, and this year's theme is the Pirates! So I decided to joint the spirit! *inserts suspense here*

The kick-off party was yesterday; The sims are ready; And my booth is done too! The pirates already landed and I am pretty sure that they will need rum and beer, so my booth is a *wannabe* tavern! I've put there some free beer so you can all drop by and have a drink! *photo is not showing all*

This year I decided to join two teams. The Relay Raiders, my team from last year, and the Passionate Redheads! Well, you may think I am not a redhead, but everyone has a redhead inside *lol* so for the team I'll release my inner redhead! I've done two different items so I could run for both teams!

These are the vendors available at the RFL Clothing Fair! Both are L$300 and all proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society. Now, let's talk about the outfit itself... or outfits!

When I started the creation process, I was pretty sure I was going to be original, and do something that would fit the theme, but that no one else was going to do! Well, I was soooo wrong! I decided to create a Female Pirate Outfit, and that's how Bloody Ann was born! A pirate outfit, with lingerie included! What can you find inside this package? You can find a corset, panties and stockings; You can also find a flexi assymetric skirt with a belt, sculpted sleeves matching the skirt and a sculpted collar! As if this wasn't enough, I also included in the pack a sword (do you know a pirate without a swor?) and also 2 different static poses to use with a sword, and take some snapshots!

Being part of two teams is not easy! I mean, it's double work, 'cuz if you do one outfit to one team you have to contribute to the other too! In the end, all that matters is that we are working for just one cause, but I had to do something for my Passionate Redheads team. The other item being sole in exclusive for RFL Clothing Fair 09 is the Purple Passion! The purple passion includes the *exclusive* short pants with cuffs, in black - that will be available soon in other colours, and also the *exclusives* Efemera Belt in plaid purple, and the Luna Clutch also in purple (I guess that's why it's called Purple Passion lol*).

I hope you all like the dresses, and don't forget that after the RFL09 they are gone! And by buying it, all proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society! Go Relay! My sim is here


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