Monday, January 19, 2009

Laura *Limited Heart of Love Edition*

During this whole process of trying to help my friend Shir, with the Heart of Love fundraise (all about it here, here and here) I've met a lot of amazing people, all of them willing to help us helping her! To all of you, a very special hug! I am proud of being part of this community!

Now for the release of today! I've done a Limited Edition of one of my probably best sellers: Laura. I've made it in *cherry* and I really like it! I've changed a bit the belt, and instead of having a cherry belt we have a silver belt with a cherry buckle.

Grab this Limited Edition here!

All proceeds in this outfit will revert to the Heart of Love fundraise, and the outfit will be gone once we are done with it!

There are donation boxes all over the grid, so if you want to donate something, you can find them here or here, and in a lot of other places!

Thank you for helping!

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