Friday, August 3, 2007

AnnaH Couture - Outfit #37

Hi guys! I know I am so late with this groupie gift thing... I am sooo sorry! I finish the gift for the ladies, but I haven't done one for you guys! I am taking a break this weekend, so I decided to give the ladies gift today, and then tuesday or wednesday I'll give the guys gift! I hope you all like!

For those who haven't joint yet the AnnaH Couture group, just see what you are missing!

Paris Shorts by AnnaH: The groupie gift is going to be available for those who don't want to receive the news of AnnaH!

Contents: Each package include 1 pair of shorts!

Colours: Arsenic

Permissons: No Mod/No Cop/Trans

$Lindens: 75



- Paris Shorts by AnnaH;

- Algarve Bikini (Stripes) by AnnaH;

- Belle Amie ~Satin Shadows~;

- Perfect Image (Grey Skies) Eyes by Aradia Dielli;

- HaleyL4 Supermodel Height Shape by Naughty Designs (Mod by me);

- Alina Singles Beach Tan - "Tea Rose" by Naughty Designs;

- Perfect Image Glow by Aradia Dielli;

- Backgroung by Rebecca Callaway.

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Ana Lutetia said...

These shorts are SOOOO cute!! <3