Tuesday, July 31, 2007

AnnaH Couture - Outfit #33

This is the dress AnnaH Couture is going to release very soon! Stay tuned!!! I am so sorry, but you will have to wait... just a bit! Leave your oppinion here, btw!!

With love,


CandyStripe by AnnaH: The dress I told you before, is now for sale in AnnaH Couture!

Contents: 1 strapless top, shorts, flexi skirt and flexi underskirt

Colours: White/Red

Permissons: No Mod/No Cop/Trans (top and shorts); Mod/No Cop/Trans (flexi skirt and underskirt)

$Lindens: 250



- CandyStripe by AnnaH;

- Calla Day Lily Reds (Mahogany);

- X3D Shoes-Jen;

- Perfect Image (Blue Skies) Eyes by Aradia Dielli;

- HaleyL4 Supermodel Height Shape by Naughty Designs (Mod by me);

- Skin by OPIUM (Mod by me);

- Perfect Image Glow by Aradia Dielli;

- Backgroung by Rebecca Callaway.

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