Wednesday, August 1, 2007

AnnaH Couture - Outfit #35

Punk Princess by AnnaH: I was feeling a little rebell so I decided to do a punk outfit! It's is not my style, but I have to say that I love when I wear it! And, hey... I need to try all the styles before I find my own right?! Don't you love the attitude?

Contents: 1 t-shirt, shorts, mini shorts (to use with skirt) and flexi skirt; I also include the black whristband! Stocking and Collar are not include!

Colours: Black/Bordeaux

Permissons: No Mod/No Cop/Trans (top and shorts); Mod/No Cop/Trans (flexi skirt)

$Lindens: 100



- Punk Princess by AnnaH;

- Black Whristband by AnnaH;

- Gold Spike Collar by Baccara Rhodes;

- Symmetry - chantilly lace stockings (black);

- Calla Xanthium Demo (Yes, it was a demo, 'cuz it is not my style! But I must say it is so perfect! If I continue doing punk stuff I am going to buy it!!!);

- Perfect Image (Blue Skies) Eyes by Aradia Dielli;

- HaleyL4 Supermodel Height Shape by Naughty Designs (Mod by me);

- Nyte'N'Day - Evolution Skin - Tan (Free Skin);

- Perfect Image Glow by Aradia Dielli;

- Backgroung by Rebecca Callaway.

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