Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New satellite store @ Velvet

With so many things going on, I forgot to mention that I have a new sattelite store. Yes, it's true! It is in the Velvet sim, where there are lots of great stores, like Zaara Indian Couture, AnaLu *Fresh Poses*, Fresh Baked Goods or BP*Betty Page, the headquarters of the fashion magazine - Vain Inc. and obviously, the sim owner - the beautiful and super talented designer biancaF.

My store (that was rebuild by me, and I am so proud I didn't destroy it, but actually improve it) has two small floors. You can find the latest releases there. In the ground floor you will find all the latest clothing items and in the second floor you will find poses and poseballs. I also put there some old freebies, but with time I'll do something special, just for Velvet!

It's a great place, and I am sure you will like it. So, what are you waiting for? Go shopping! For quick teleport, click here!!

The store at George 5 still in progress, but it already has walls and floor, which isn't bad! When this store is finish, I will also rebuild the store at Sedna. I can't tell you all the secrets, but I have some cool ideas, so wait for more... You can also visit me Sedna and Tropical Escape!


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