Thursday, July 24, 2008

New @ *AnnaH* - "City Girl" PosePack

Ok, I know how I said I was going to stop for a while ("I need to rest", I said) but no! I am not the type that can be sitting in the computer doing nothing! So right after finishing everything for the Hollywood Collection, and setting up every store with the new release, I started working in a new set of poses!

This new pack is about simple actions that we do in our daily life, like seeing the hours, talking on cell phone and waving to someone... It is the City Girl pack, and has some really cute stands and sits!

I went to bed at 2:30 AM just to finish the pack, and today I took the pictures and did the ad! It's already available in Sedna and in Velvet. Will be available at shop.onrez and SL Exchange, later today. As usual, the posepack with 12 poses is L$400 and each pose is L$40 (which you can only buy in-world).

I hope you like!

What I am wearing:
*shorts: Colby Shorts (unreleased) from *AnnaH*

*top: Chile Child Top from Ornamental Life
*jewelry: Wood-Metal Colection from Persona
*watch: 8ball wrist watch from Artilleri (modified by me)
*shoes: Bloom Boots from Maitreya

*hair: Lynne II from ETD
*skin: Pink Portia from *blowpop*

*shape: Haley L4 from ND

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