Thursday, August 14, 2008

A lot going on...

Hey guys! I've been quite, without new releases, but everything has it's reasons! There's a lot going on, right now!

Tonight, a new *AnnaH* store is going to open! It is in George 5, the home of the Hotel Swan and also some other stores! It is a huge store, but not *my* mainstore, so my products aren't all there, but all new release will be there! Unfortunatly, I'll be going on vacations tomorrow morning, so the store isn't totally finished, but I wanted to open it! I'll be finishing the decoration monday morning! I hope you like the new place!

It was fun doing it, though sometimes frustrating - my friend and great builder Kamian Trescothick built it for me, and helped me with the decoration!

The store has 2 floors. In the ground floor you can find women and men's fashion. Soon there will be also some acessories. In the second floor you can find all the posepacks and poseballs. My favourite place in the store is the backyard! Probably the most fun place to be! There you can find old stuff and prices lower than L$25 and some dollarbies and freebies.

I really hope you like the new store, and don't forget! I will only be back on monday! So if you really need to talk to me, send me a notecard! IM's can cap and your message will be lost!It's not ready until I leave home! I'll keep working on it, though you can go there and visit me!

Luv ya all,Ann

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