Friday, August 8, 2008

Faith Foundation Show *video*

I know I am late on this one, but I though everyone should see this video! Maybe 'cuz I am proud of my collection, but whatever! It's a video of the Faith Foundation Show! I hope you like!

There is a little problem with the name of two dresses, but I think probably no one will ever notice! The first dress is Lana, and in the movie it's called Rita. The last dress is Rita and in the movie is called Lana! No problem! I just want to thank to Dementia Wylie for the movie :) and if you want to see the YouTube page go here!

The vintage looks and beautiful gowns in this collection that has a little something for everyone, and that you can see in the movie are available at Sedna, Tropical Escape, Velvet, shop.onrez and SL Exchange.


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