Thursday, August 14, 2008


To celebrate the oppening of the new store in George 5, there will be a hunt going on during the weekend, and that may be till the end of next week. There will be 12 hiden items in the store! Some in the ground floor, some upstairs and some at the backyard! You will be able to find some new cute stuff, totally unreleased, some old revamped stuff and some old cuties! I'll leave you with some pictures of the new cuties =)

There will also be a store card sale, with the same duration of the hunt, and only going on in George 5! All store cards bought in this store are 50%off, which means that when you buy a store card you will receive the double value in products! The store cards can be use in any *AnnaH* store and there are not valid for single pose vendors.

Teleport right now, just clicking here!!!! and enjoy!

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