Monday, March 17, 2008

OMG how stupid can I be?

I just realised I forgot to leave a gift in my SLRFL - Clothing Fair Store! So, now in the table you can find a little gift! If I have time, I'll try to make more gifts during the Fair, but the important thing here is to HELP. To contribute buy the special items for the fair or make a donation in one of the many donation boxes around the sims!

I also have to say that I am so happy to be part of this year's Colthing Fair! And I think that everyone has done an amazing job! I would like to congrat all the members of the team behind this Clothing Fair. Pips Fetid has done an amazing job with all the sims and with much more! Personally, I have to thank to Nevar Lobo! He is a very nive person, always ready to help me and he became a very good friend with all this.

This is my store! It is in the Summer Sim, but I can garante you that is worth to go through all the sims in of the Fair! There are so many store, so many beautiful designs... omg I need to go buy some stuff... a lot of stuff!!!

And this is the little git I am giving away ONLY during the fair, and ONLY in the store at the Relay for Life Sim. It has shorts with sulpted cuffs, a purple tank (that is part of an outfit that will be released soon in another color), and a black bolero (that is the bolero of the Julia outfit, but in a different color!). I tried to mix & match some of my pieces, so I could do a special gift for everyone! I hope you like! I can say that I do love it!

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Seeandwrite said...

Thanks You! annah good clothes!