Friday, March 21, 2008

My life... or not!

Spring is here, and I am needing a little colour in my life! What better than a red injection?

Marina is casual look for those hot days that will come (one day I hope, 'cuz it's cold... very cold). It has a red tank (in all layers, as usual), that you can combine with dark jeans or with a nautical skirt, or with both! Your choice! You can also use it as a babydoll! What else can you ask? Jeans have prim legs and the babyboll has a sweet bow in the back. The nautical skirt should be use with the belt that comes in the package too! Oh and I almost forgot, it brings some bracelets too!

After a relaxing evening spent in my boat, I needed to dress something quick yet fabulous for the spring party that I was going... Lots of paparazzi and crazy fans in the street, so I need to put my sunglasses and walk like a celebrity...

Sonya is the celebrity outfit! A pratical but super fashionable dark capri, with a super fashionable blouse and a super fashionable jacket! The jeans are dark and have prim cuffs, that match perfectly with the jacket. The jacket is actually a bolero, that you can wear with or withouth the flexi bottom. It has sulpted sleeves and prim collar. Everything in all layers so you can mix & match!

Marina and Sonya are also wearing hair by ETD, skins by Minnu Skins, shoes by ETD and LC VAMP. Sonya is wearing sunglasses from artilleri.

Hope you all like!


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