Sunday, February 10, 2008

*AnnaH* - Photo Contest - The Winners

As you all know, today is the day I am going to announce the winners of the *AnnaH* Photo Contest. I have to say it was a hard job to do, and I couldn't have done it without Myllie's help, so thank you Myllie for your help! I have also to thank to everyone who participated in my first contest! There were so many photos, that I had a very hard time to choose only 3. I will do more contests in the future, for sure!

Me and Myllie have chosen from all the photos, the ones we like most, and then we compared our choices. The three photos in which we both vote are the winners (thank God our votes only match in 3 photos, otherwise it was going to be a disaster).

And the winners are (in alphabetic order)...

*drum rolls

- Carissa Crimson

- Kyra Pfeffer

- Silvy Noel

Congratulations to these three awesome ladies! I will post their photos here, very soon!

Now... seriously... there were so many great pictures! And I absolutely fall in love with 2 other photos. This was suppose to be a fair contest, so the winners must be the ones with more votes, so they are! But these 2 photos are totally amazing and so full of creativity, so what I am going to do is to give a prize for the most creative pictures! It will not be the same prize as the other 3 winners, but I am going to give them a certificate of 1000L$ to spend in *AnnaH* Couture. The winners are (in alphabetic order)...

* drum rolls again...

- Cherie Parker

- Halfpint Pennell

(Pictures will be here really soon!)

That's all for now!

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silvia said...

I'm so happy you like my pics!
I'm honoured to be one of the winners!
Silvy Noel