Monday, October 29, 2007

A bunch of news

I know I am late on this blogging thing (sorry)! But I'll let you know all (and there are a lot) about it now! I hope I can do it shortly (I'll try)!

When my friend Myllie (Myllie Writer from Persona) started doing poses, she was so addicted that I had to try... and so I did! Now I am addicted too! We have opened a store for poses in Southern Paradise. It is called ANIMAH and you are all invited to visit!

Next, I have to announce that *AnnaH* Couture has now another store. It is in Axenfall and it's the cutest store I have ever had! I love it! It's small and cozy! It's in a Marina, where there are some other stores (like Persona and Corduroy) and it's a nice place! All the new stuff and freebies are there. Go see by yourself.

I also released two packages last week! One was from the charity auction of the EFA Fashion Week. It is called Amellie. It's a classic gown, with prim sleeves. I used the Dana's Birthday Hat in brunette from Marlys! I am in love with that hat! Aww the dress it's only 100L$.

... and because I really like the shirt (and a lot of people told me) I decided to do more colours of the t-shirt! It's casual and has some details in the front. So I dit it in Crimson, Forest Green and Purple, all in one pack, just for 50L$. I used AVEDA Long Wavy in Black, from ETD.

... I also like to keep costumers happy (and I hoping I am doing a good job at it) so I decided to do a little freebie too! For 1L$ you can have the Amellie Shirt in Periwinkle. I hope you all like! I am also wearing the AVEDA Long Wavy from ETD, the Susana Casual Jeans and Leg Warms from AnnaH Couture (me, lol) and Michelle Pumps from Sin Shoes. Skin, Shape and Perfect Image Glow are all the same for all adds! Skin and Shape from Naughy Designs. Perfect Image Glow from Aradia Delli.

I also have to say that I am doing recolours of some of the New Shoots dresses, so wait for more news!

Meanwhile go see...

*AnnaH* Couture Mainstore at Sedna

*AnnaH* Couture at Axenfall



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