Wednesday, October 31, 2007

*AnnaH* - Locations

I am very proud to announce that *AnnaH* Couture has now one more store! It's in another lovely sim, in a commercial space with lots of great stores - Southern Paradise.

I just finish setting up the store, and I am very happy with the result! All the new stuff and freebies available at Southern Paradise!

Don't forget we are also at Axenfall and Sedna.

*AnnaH* - Releases

I am also happy to let you all know that the recolours of some dresses are ready and available at my mainstore, in Sedna. I have made recolours of Elodie, Gillian and Scarlet. A lot of people ask me recolours of the dresses, but if you are not happy with this ones, please let me know the colour you would like to have on this dresses. All the recolours come with both script and non script skirts. Now, let's see some pics...

[Update]: All this items are available at and

That's all for today ;)
Happy Halloween!

PS - I haven't done any Halloween Freebies 'cuz we don't celebrate Halloween here in Portugal! We do celebrate Carnaval, the most similar thing we have to Halloween! I'll do freebies in that day :P

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