Sunday, October 21, 2007

Releases and the City

As I told you before, this release is inspired in a TV show, and as I told you before you may not find any similarities to the wardrobe of the characters. I inspired myself in their personalities, although I think they would probably wear this, too! So... my inspiration comes from the TV show "Sex and the City" and also from a conversation between me and Gillian!

First, we have Carrie, the funky and sexy girl, everyone's best friend...

Then, we have the sharp, cynical and witty Miranda, a sucefull and confidant women

We also have the hopeless romantic, conservative and classic Charlotte

... and last but not least, we have the woman that knows what she wants, Samantha, the aggressive and naughty sex bomb

I hope you all like!
Dresses available in the main store for now! Come check them out!

Awww I almost forgot... all the packages have both script and non-script skirt! It's the IntelliSkirt, very easy to use, and it's from Nauka Umaga! She is a super sweet girl! If you need help just IM me or her!

Also all the new items are now available at


Come see me in *AnnaH*

For Carrie...
Hair: Heather from ETD
Shoes: LC VAMP: Nonni - Sky

For Miranda...
Hair: Laurie II from ETD
Shoes: Feral Elegance - Brown from Minx

For Charlotte...
Hair: Wendy from ETD
Shoes: Michelle - Black from Sin Shoes

For Samantha...
Hair: Trinitee from ETD
Shoes: Jen - Red from X3D
Jewelry: Gold Ruby Double Cross Necklace & Double Square Bracelet from EMJ

For all...
Skin: Aline Beach Tan - Tea Rose from Naughty Designs
Shape: Hayle L4 from Naughty Designs
Perfect Image Glow by Aradia Dielli

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