Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sales!!! and more...

I'm a lazy blogger lately...doncha think?!! ... well not exactly! I have been working soooo much in RL that actually I don't have time even for sleep! That's sad I know... But I have great news!!

I am doing SALES!!! (yeahhh!!) Not everything is in sales, but there is a big wall with some of my stuff, particulary Summer Stuff! Everything in that wall is 50% sale! Go buy buy buy! I don't know what I am going to do with that stuff... I'll probably keep it in the store at the old price (cuz I think it's a fair price, as you can see for your own eyes!)! The sales will be at the end of the week.... so until friday (1st September)! Saturday morning, the store will be empty!

More? Yes, I have more... I am working in the new collection (that's something you already know) and (rumbers please...) I am moving to a new store (yes, again)! The old one was too small for all my prims! I hate prims! Grrr! So I bought the store in the other side of the street and I am moving! The store will probably open Saturday morning, when the old one close!

And I also have a new outfit... well it's not ready yet... just half of it! Do you want to sneak a peek?

I hope you all come to the store, to the sales! And I also hope that you like my new outfit :)


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