Saturday, August 18, 2007

AnnaH Couture - Outfit #39

Milu Desire by AnnaH: The last summer outfit. From now on, I'll be working on the new collection (autumn/winter). I hope you all like the last one!

Contents: Each package include 1 flexi skirt, 1 t-shirt and 1 pants; The combo has 1 flexi skirt, 1 pair of pants, 6 t-shirts + 1 t-shirt offer

Colours: Alice Blue, Amethyst, Cerise, Grey, Puce, Tangerine (+ Mustard) for the t-shirts; the skirt and pants are white with shades of grey

Permissons: No Mod/No Cop/Trans (for flexi stuff Mod/No Cop/Trans)

$Lindens: 450 the combo or 85 each package



- Milu Desire by AnnaH (all colours);

- *KC* Ladybugs (RI) (different colours);

- []::Tuli::[] custom nailpolish ~ pink4;

- ETD Naomi - Chestnut;

- Perfect Image (Grey Skies) Eyes by Aradia Dielli;

- HaleyL4 Supermodel Height Shape by Naughty Designs (Mod by me);

- Bronzage Medium Gamine Cherry by Tete a Pied;

- Perfect Image Glow by Aradia Dielli;

- Backgroung by Rebecca Callaway.

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