Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Paris Shorts... New Gift!

Well the sales are doing great, and I've met some lovely girls that come to my store... I am soooo happy! They are all so kind, and I am very happy with all their comments and advices (sometimes I feel just like a noobie!!). Although Paris Shorts aren't on sale, lots of them (the girls) told me that I should do it in more colours... 'cuz they love them! Well... you ask, I do it! This time, I've made it in colours that I usually don't use in my clothes (except for violet, that I always have to use 'cuz my best costumer/friend is crazy about violet/purple and so on...)!

Oh and the most important... it's free!

I will probably do it in more colours! So don't forget... Saturday, when the new store opens, we will have Paris Shorts in Violet, Fushia, Burgundy and Baby Blue, all in one pack, for free! I hope you all like!


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Vel Noarlunga said...

If you add a slurl to your posts it's better. :)