Friday, March 7, 2008

[Sneak a Peek] RFL 2008

As I told you before I am going to participate in this year's edition of Relay for Life! And I am so happy for it :) Last time I worte about it I was in PANIC. But I finally manage to do something that I think is special for the ocassion. Let's just see a little preview of the outfits... OMG did I say outfits??? Yes I did!

First, we have EVA

EVA is a two pieces outfit, with a mini bolero! It includes top and glitch pants in all possible layers, a mini bolero with sculpted sleeves and a script and non-script flexi skirt! The outfit is in a beautiful blue sky and it has some nice details in the front and in the back!

Then, we have KATE

Remember Kate? The special dress I have made for SHINE? I did a recolour in purple, that I think that suits the ocassion. It is a ball gown that comes with top and glitch pants in all possible layers, and the flexi ball gown!

Both dresses will be available only during the clothing fair, and all proceeds will be donated to Relay for Life! Clothing Fair will be opening it’s doors March 17, and run thru March 23, 2008. Now please... mark your calendars, check events and save your lindens. Come help us “Celebrate, Remember, Fight Back”.

Because until there's a cure, there's Relay for Life!


Arianna Psaltery said...

oooo Eva is stunning :) I love the texture of the fabric :D

Portia Rossini said...

Oh wow.. I want Eva! Those are some nice dresses, I can't wait to get to RFL. I am actually also looking forward to Julia Soothsayer's stuff. GAHH Need more lindens!