Monday, January 7, 2008

If you know me...

... then you know that I absolutely adore hats!

Yes, in RL too (omg, I can hear my mum screaming "Don't you dare buying another hat!"). So, if there is a new hair with hats, I have to have it! My good friend Marleen Vaughan, from Marlys, knows about my (not so) secret love with hats, and she has done a new hair style, with a hat obvious, and she name it after me :) I was so happy, that I run to take some pictures of it, but SL was not behaving so I decided that I had to take the pictures in my studio! So, here you go...

This post will be a little bit like Closet Crisis (one of my favourite blogs of all times). But the outfit doesn't have a 'real' story behind it...

I am wearing my new hair :) and that's where it all start... The hair is Annah Smiles in Chocolate, from Marlys!

I paired the hair (lol) with one of my favourite pants, the Kirsten Slacks from Kirsten outfit of Last Call and I add the Suave Shirt from Winter Moon. I jump on to my comfortable Michelle pumps in Black from Sin Shoes, and there you go!

Something was missing... and I thought "wowo it's the perfect time to wear my Mechanica Reverse Necklace from Shiny Things". It's a very cool Necklace, different from what I've seen and I truly love it, specially because it was given to me by a very special friend!

As usual I am wearing my shape, Haley L4 from Naughty Designs modify by me, and I am wearing the groupie gift that Tuli has given in Christmas: S4F olive brown brows ~ rosy lips/smokey blue.

Well, I hope you like my outfit! I just wanted to show you the beautiful hair that Marleen has done (and that has my name! LoL)


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