Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What I want for Christmas Tag

I was tagged by Teagen Blackthorne for this Christmas wish tag game.

~What I want for Christmas ~

Copy the below text into your posting, add your reply, add your tagged members (5 please), then leave them a post or email letting them know they’ve been tagged. I can’t wait to read what everyone has for an answer…

Question 1 – What is the one thing you always wanted for Christmas as a child, but never got. Even now, as an adult, it would be pretty cool if you got it.

Question 2 – What is the one thing you wish for this Christmas (for yourself)?

Question 3 – What would you wish for, if the sky was the limit, and nothing was impossible?

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~Annah’s Christmas Wishes ~

1. I always asked my parents for a tv in my room. They never gave me one! Then my brother was born, and by the time he was 6 or 7 years old he got a tv for his room! Now I have a tv in my room! But now I am 23!

2. I would really appreciate if someone pleaseeeee give me my dream car! It's not a ferrari or something... It's a small car, so that I can easily park it anywhere! I want a suzuki!

3. Hummm... I wish I could eat whatever I want to eat and not get fat! Now, seriously, I wish my parents didn't need to work anymore; I wish good grades to my brother 'cuz he worries too much; I wish more time with my boyfriend; I wish a job doing what I love and earning good enough to buy the house of my dreams, by the sea! Am I asking too much?

The 5 I tag are: Myllie Writer, Ana Lutetia, Maria Gherardi, Boree Vella, Mui Mukerji.

Can I tag more people? Pleaseee! It's Christmas! LoL! I will not tag anyone more, 'cuz it's bad luck :P But if I would, I would tag Creamy Cooljoke, Gillian Waldman, Delilah Karas, Milla Michinaga, Alaska Metropolitan, Wednesday Soon, and I could continue but...



Myllie Writer said...

Those wishes remind me of Janis Joplin: "Oh, Lord, won't You buy me a colour TV? ... Oh, Lord, won't You buy me a Mercedes Benz?"


Are you making fun of me?

I was a child! I just wanted a TV and Barbies! I still have all my barbies (in a box, somewhere) but I never got the TV!

I never ask anything in Christmas! My brother asks a lot of things! But I never know what to ask... so I got crazy! I want a Suzuki!


Quero ver o teu :P

Achariya Rezak said...

Hey :D

I found out about the hunt here:

They have clues in this post about where to find everything.




Thanks achariya :) I'll go get my last pearls :)